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Shinco HC-807 2.1 Computer Speaker Mini USB Power 3D Stereo Bass Subwoofer Speakers


This set of mini speakers is specially designed for Desktop, Laptop, Notebook, Tablet PC. Its high-grade loudspeakers will bring you much wonderful music, a super companion for your outdoor activities and daily life.
1. Powerful compatibility: support desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, TVs, MP3, MP4, etc., as long as there are 3.5MM audio output holes (headphone jack) devices can be used
2. Two ways to connect: 
a. Plug in the laptop to connect to play 
b. The charging head is charged on the socket and inserted on the mobile phone to play
3. Support wireless Bluetooth and TF card and U disk playback.
4. Professional custom speakers can balance the contradiction between space and sound quality.Enjoy great music as you like
5. Feel the immersive shock,whether in the game or in the movie, The scattered footsteps breath can give you the feeling on the spot
Brand Name: Shinco
Model: HC-807
Material: Plastic
Output Power: 9W(5W+2W*2) RMS
Power Supply: DC 5V & USB 5V
Input Interface: USB Plug & 3.5mm Audio Plug
Channel: 2.1
Seperation: ≥40dB
SNR: ≥80dB
Frequency Response Range: 25Hz-20KHz
Color: Black;White
USB Cable: approx. 1 M
Audio Cable: approx. 1 M
Main Speaker Size: approx. 106 x 115 x 138mm/4.17 x 4.52 x 5.43inches
Sub Speaker Size: approx. 72 x 79 x 67mm/2.83 x 3.11 x 2.63inches
Speakers Weight: approx. 1.7kg / 59.9 oz
Package List:
1 * Set of Wired Speaker (3 speakers a set)
1 * User Manual

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