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Skymore Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Set

Skymore Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Set, for Aroma Diffuser, Relief, Reflesh, Immunty, Sleep, Happy, Breathe, 6×10 ml
1. 100% Natural Ingredients: This products are created from natural ingredients, healthy and safe, non-toxic.
Six different and pleasant tastes, give you six different sensation.
2. Effects: Each bottle has its own unique effect and aroma, using according to your needs.
3. How To Use: Ideal for diffusers, sprays, humidifiers, Oil Burner, Perfume, Soap/Bath bomb/Candle making etc.
Both are soluble in water.
4. Notes: Do not use on your body directly ( Need to be diluted with the carrier oil before use for body).
5. Best Gift: Modern and unique design, the special packaging is the best gift for your friends, family or partner on Birthday,
Valentine's Day, Christmas, Wedding Anniversay and some special days.
Breathe — Sooth airways & promote clear breathing.
Sleep — Calm the restless mind & improve sleep quality.
Happy — Bring joy & create a happy and warm ambiance.
Immunity — Purify the air & strengthen the immune system.
Relief — Relax your mind & reduce anxiety, dismay and stress.
Refresh — Renew your mind & focus attention so as to improve work efficiency.
Package Included:
1 x Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Set

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