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Stainless Steel Extended PCP Air Charging Quick Release Adapter Socket 1/8 BSP

Stainless steel PCP air charging quick release coupler socket 1/8 BSP.

Material: Stainless Steel
Quantity: 1pc
Airgun / paintball quick disconnect socket fitting to male 1/8 BSPP.

– Standard 1/8 BSPP size for Paint ball or for PCP air gun.
– Can be used between micro bore hose and SCUBA cylinder charging fitting.
– Female socket fitting supplied with 1/8 BSPP male thread with cone for connection to a micro bore fill hose.
– Available with the UK industry standard 1/8″ BSP Male thread that suits most pump and cylinder fill lines.
– Safe for use on all pre-charged equipment with a max working pressure of 340BAR, 5000psi. Do not exceed maximum working pressure.
– Our new socket has been designed to allow connection to “Foster Type” fill nipples that are recessed deeply within the stock.
– If you need a coupler release tool, then this socket should overcome that problem as the release collar is a full 30mm long, as opposed to the 10.5mm long on our standard coupler.
– Connects to our Q/C plug, high pressure fill valve, Daystate, Benjamin, Brocock, Crosman, Logun Eagle, PCR1, Ripley most HPA paintball and air soft tank side fill nipples and other compatible fill couplers.
– Suitable for FX deep recess stocks, Daystate and Brocock deep recess stocks early “Swift” and “Dr Bobs” type Theoben and BSA Superten quick fills without the need for an additional coupler release tool. Also suits converted air tubes where the fill nipple has been installed after removing the pressure gauge from the recessed end of the air tube.

Package Included:
1 x Quick Release Coupler Socket 1/8 BSP

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