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STC12 Board STC12C5A60S2 Core 51 Single-Chip Minimum System Development Learning Board Double Serial


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                  1. Enhancement type 8051 CPU,1T,single clock/machine cycle;instruction code is completely compatible with traditional 8051 
                  2. Operating Voltage:3.5-5.5V 
                  3. Operating Frequency:0-35MHz,equals to common 8051 0-420MHz
                  4. Users application program space 8K/16K/20K/32K/40K/48K/52K/60K/62K byte 
                  5. On-chip integrates 1280 bytes RAM 
                  6. Common I/0 ports,after reset:quasi two-way ports/weak pull-up (common 8051 traditional I/O port);can be set four modes as:quasi two-way port/weak pull-up;strong push-pull/strong pull-up;only input/high resistance;open-drain.Every I/O ports driving capacity can be up to 20mA,but the whole chip should be no more than 120mA 
                  7. ISP (programmable in system)/IAP (programmable in appplication),does not need special emulator;and it can download user applications directly by serial port (P3.0/P3.1) after a few seconds 
                  8. EEPROM function 
                  9. Watch dog 
                  10. Internal integrates MAX810 special reset circuit (when external crystal is less than 12M,reset pin can directly connect with 1K resistor to ground)
                  11. External power failure detection circuit:there is a low voltage threshold comparator in P4.6 port.5V MCU is 3.3V,and the tolerance is +/-5%
                  12. Clock source:external high precision crystal/clock,internal R/C oscillator (temperature drift is +/-5%~+/-10%).When users download applications,they can choose whether to use internal R/C oscillator or external crystal/clock.At normal temperature,internal R/C oscillator frequency is 11MHz-17MHz 
                  13. 16-bit timer for 4pcs:two timers/counters compatible with traditional 8051,16-bit timer T0 and T1,no timer 2;but has independent baud rate generator for serial port communication;then adds a 2-channel PCA module can achieve two 16-bit timers 
                  14. Three clock output ports:can overflow by T0 and output clock in P3.4/T0;or overflow by T1 and output clock in P3.5/T1.Independent baud rate generator can output clock in P1.0 port 
                  15. External interrupt I/O port 7-channel,traditional falling edge interrupt or low level trigger interrupt;and support rising edge interrupt PCA module,Power Down mode can be awakened by external interrupt;INT0/P3.2,INT1/P3.3,T0/P3.4,T1/P3.5,RxD/P3.0,CCP0/P1.3,CCP1/P1.4 
                  16. PWN (2-channel)/PCA (programmable counter array,2-channel):can be used as 2-channel D/A;or to achieve another two timers;or to achieve another two external interrupt (rising edge interrupt/falling edge interrupt can be respectively or simultaneously supported)
                  17. A/D switch,10-bit precise ADC,totally 8-channel;switch speed can be up to 250K/s
                  18. Common duplex asynchronous serial port (UART);since STC12 series is high-speed 8051,it can achieve several serial ports by the timer or PCA software 
                  19. Double serial port:RxD2/P1.2 (can be set to P4.2 by register);TxD2/P1.3 (can be set to P4.3 by register)
                  20. Operating Temperature Range:-40~85 celsius (industrial level)/0~75 celsius (business level)

                  On the P0 port pull-up resistor problem:

                  If you are using the STC89C52 version, if you use P0 port as external output drive, need to add external pull-up resistor,
                  if it is the general LCD bus such as LCD1602, LCD12864 bus, can be used directly, no need external pull-up resistor.
                  If using STC12C5A60S2 version can use the registers P0M1 and P0M0 to set the IO drive mode. No external pull-up resistors required

                  Package included:

                  1 x STC12 Minimum System Development Board

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