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STM32L151CBU6 Development Board LoRaWAN Low Power IoT Node CP2102 USB to Serial Port


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                  Heltec LoRa Node Products Difference Table:

                  “Heltec LoRa” product family already included follow options:
                  LoRa spread spectrum communication (node);
                  Battery powered;
                  Good RF circuit design and impedance matching.

                  Product Type① MCU FLASH Battery Battery Detect Vext③ Low Power④ Display
                  WiFi LoRa 32 Dev-Board ESP32 4MB Lithium② x x x OLED (128×64)
                  WiFi LoRa 32(V2)
                  (Product ID: 1639291)
                  Dev-Board ESP32 8MB Lithium② 800uA OLED (128×64)
                  Wireless Stick
                  (Product ID: 1639290)
                  Dev-Board ESP32 8MB Lithium② 800uA OLED (64×32)
                  Wireless Stick Lite
                  (Product ID: 1638098)
                  Dev-Board ESP32-PICO 4MB Lithium② 35uA x
                  Wireless Shell
                  (Product ID: 1638101)
                  Module ESP32-PICO 4MB x 10uA x
                  LoRa Kit 151
                  (This item)
                  Dev-Board STM32L151CBU6 128kB Lithium x x 7uA x
                  LoRa Node 151
                   (Product ID: 1638100)
                  Dev-Board STM32L151CCU6 256kB 1/2 AA Lithium chlorine sulfite battery 1.8uA x
                  Turtle Board
                  (Product ID: 1638099)
                  Dev-Board STM32L432KC 256kB AAA x 2 5uA x

                  ① – Type:
                  Dev-Board – Can be used directly;
                  Module – Only core function, need to cooperate with external PCB or circuit.
                  ② – Lithium: All lithium battery socket for Heltec boards is SH1.25-2;
                  ③ – Vext: 3.3V(500mA) output, for external devices (e.g. sensors) power supply, in deep sleep mode, Vext can be shut down via software;
                  ④ – Low Power: Products’ low power design, of Whole Circuit, the measured data are the current of the system during deep sleep.


                  -In order to meet the user’s requirements for Ultra-Low-Power and standard LoRaWAN protocol, we designed this product. On the basis of STM32L151CBU6MCU and SX1278 LoRa chip(433, 470MHz), the low power current can reach to 6uA.

                  -CE Certificate;
                  -Microprocessor: STM32L151CBU6 (Ultra-low-power ARM Cortex-M3 MCU with 128 Kbytes Flash), with LoRa node chip SX1278 (433MHz ~ 510MHz);
                  -Micro USB interface with a complete voltage regulator, ESD protection, short circuit protection, and other protection measures;
                  -Onboard SH1.25-2 battery interface, integrated lithium battery interface, integrated battery management system (battery power detection, USB / battery power automatic switching);
                  -Integrated CP2102 USB to serial port chip, convenient for program downloading, debugging information printing;
                  -This product supports DFU mode download (need to cooperate with relevant download software).
                  -System resource: FLASH – 128K,  RAM – 16K,  EEPROM – 4K;
                  -User available resources: FLASH – 64K, RAM – 8K, EEPROM – 4K;
                  -Provide standard LoRaWAN protocol routines.
                  -With good RF circuit design and basic low-power design (sleep current ≤7uA), it is convenient for IoT application vendors to quickly verify
                  -LoRaWAN protocol easily.

                  Source Parameter
                  MCU STM32L151CBU6(Ultra-low-power 32-bit MCU ARM®-based Cortex®-M3)
                  LoRa chip SX1278
                  LoRa bands EU_433, CN_470_510,two bands optional
                  LoRa maximum output power 18dB ± 1dB
                  Hardware Resource USART x 3; SPI x 2; I2C x 2; ; USB 2.0 x 1
                  12 – bits ADC; 12 – bits DAC
                  DMA controller
                  28 general GPIO
                  Flash 128KB FLASH;16KB SRAM;4KB EEPROM;80B BACKUP REGISTER
                  Interface Micro USB x 1; LoRa antenna(IPEX) x 1
                  length x width x height(pin) 57 x 27 x 7(14) mm
                  Battery type Lithium
                  Low power design Deep Sleep: 6uA
                  Electrical characteristics Condition Minimum Typical Maximum
                  Power Supply USB powered(≥500mA) 4.7V 5V 6V 
                  Lithium powered(≥250mA) 3.3V 3.6V 4.2V
                  3.3V(pin)powered(≥150mA) 2.7V 3.3V 3.5V
                  5V(pin)powered(≥500mA) 4.7V 5V 6V
                  Power consumption(mA) LoRa 10dB emission   50mA  
                  LoRa 12dB emission   60mA  
                  LoRa 15dB emission   110mA  
                  LoRa 20dB emission   130mA  
                  Output 3.3V pin output     500mA
                  5V pin output (USB powered only)   Equal to the input current  
                  External device power control (Vext 3.3V)     350mA

                  Package includes:

                  1 x STM32L151CBU6 Development Board

                  LoRa Kit 151 Example Code:
                  LoRa Kit 151 Pingpang test example code (need two LoRa Kit 151 to test):
                  LoRa Kit 151 Schematic diagram:
                  Summary of Common Problems:

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