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Suleve™ M3BN3 150Pcs M3 Knurled Brass Threaded Insert Nut Female Thread Embedment Nuts Assortment

Brand: Suleve
Model: M3BN3
Size: M3
Material: Brass
Color: Gold
Nut Type: Knurled Nut

1. These Knurl Thread Insert Nut can be widely used on the injection moulding for tightly fixing. 
2. Can be installed by ultrasonic or heat into thread tapered hole, or molded in during injection. 
3. No need to counterbore or countersink the boss hole since the insert has guide p ilot. 
4. The material of this part is brass and it can resist heat. 
5. Packed in a rugged convenient re-sealable plastic storage case. 

Package Included:

Item Length Quantity
M3 Knurled Nut 3mm 30
M3 Knurled Nut 4mm 20
M3 Knurled Nut 5mm 20
M3 Knurled Nut 6mm 20
M3 Knurled Nut 8mm 20
M3 Knurled Nut 10mm 20
M3 Knurled Nut 12mm 20
Total Quantity150

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