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Therapy Massage Bed Table Cervical And Lumbar Neck Waist Traction Folding Bed Stretching Device

Material: Metal
Color: Black + Silver
Overall Dimensions:
Width: 36cm / 14.17'' (appr.)
Height: 60cm / 23.62'' (appr.)
Length: 1450-1850mm / 57.09''-72.83'' (appr.)
Traction Travel: 0-200mm
Traction: Neck / 200N; Waist / 800N
1. Wheel traction, vertical design, thick steel.
2. Manual runner design, adjustable bed board.
3. Comfortable and durable bed, not easy to shake.
4. Cervical lumbar traction belt, so that stretching balance, targeted.
5. Can be used for neck & lumbar traction, cervical traction with a professional traction angle, traction handle and body integration, storage more convenient.
– Natural rehabilitation.
– Treatment of spinal canal stenosis.
– Lifting of neurovascular oppression.
– To restore the lumbar / cervical normal physiological curvature.
– Increase the intervertebral space, so that prominent shrinkage atrophy.
Introductions & Attentions:
* Anyone who is used as a physiotherapy should be used under the instruction of doctors.
* Traction time: every 15-30 minutes. Daily no more than 2 times, according to the condition of 10-15 days for a course of treatment.
* Traction bed is based on the principle of self endurance. It should not be overhauled for quick results. If there is bone and joint discomfort in use, it should be suspended for several days, and it is suggested to reduce the use of force.
* Applicable measures like hot compress, warm-up exercise, bath to soften the bones and muscles help relaxation body to enhance the effect of traction, in the cold season especially should strengthen the implementation of measures to warm up.
* There were fractures, arthritis, degenerative arthritis or osteoarthritis of the ligaments, intervertebral disc is inflamed, patients with serious diseases (heart disease, hypertension, etc.), pregnant women and other pregnant women should be directed by doctors.
* Finish before getting up: suggest that lie still for a moment, let the spinal cord and the muscle tendons be properly restored to rest, and get up slowly and complete a whole body spine traction health care.
Package included:
1 X Traction Bed (need assemble by yourself)
1 X Lumbar Traction Belt
1 X Neck Traction Belt
1 X Thoracic Traction Belt
1 X Screw Accessories
1 X User Manual

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