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TTL to RJ45 Network Prt 232 to TCP USR-TCP232-E2 Dual Serial Port to Ethernet Module


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                  Product model: USR-TCP232-E2

                  Multi-function serial to Ethernet converter USR-TCP232-E2 is a device for transparent transmission of TCP network data packets or UDP data packets and TTL serial data. It has low power consumption and adopts Cortex-M4 scheme with a frequency of up to 120MHz. Fast and stable.
                  This is a multi-function Ethernet serial port data conversion module, which integrates the TCP/IP protocol stack. Users can easily complete the network function of the embedded device, saving manpower, material resources and development time, and making the product enter the market faster. , Increase competitiveness.

                  1. The new Cortex-M4 core, industrial-grade operating temperature range, and carefully optimized TCP/IP protocol stack, stable and reliable.
                  2. Auto-MDI/MIDX function, cross-connect directly connected to the network cable, automatically switch.
                  3. Support TCP Server, TCP Client, UDPClient, UDP Server, HTTPD Client, multiple working modes.
                  4. Differentiate which serial port is associated with the port number.
                  5. Supports DHCP to obtain IP automatically. You can query devices on the network through the UDP broadcast protocol.
                  A provisioning protocol is provided for VIP customers to integrate parameter setting functions into the user's application software.
                  6. Support webpage to serial port to realize two-way sending and receiving of webpage to serial port
                  7. Support webpage setting parameters, directly open webpage setting parameters, no need to use software, save the trouble of installing software
                  8. Support DHCP DNS, industrial grade dual serial port, 3.3V 5V dual voltage support, more stable and convenient
                  9. Built-in webpage, which can be parameterized through webpage, and can customize webpage for users.
                  10. Can be set by UDP, provide setting protocol and set software source code
                  11. Parameter setting can be made through serial port com mand, providing setting protocol
                  12. Reload button, one button to restore the default settings, not afraid to set the wrong
                  13. RJ45 status indicator, RJ45 interface built-in isolation transformer, 2KV isolation.
                  14. The global unique M A C address purchased from IEEE can also be reserved for user-defined M A C address.
                  15. Support for upgrading programs through the network
                  16. Server address supports domain name
                  17. Support http server port (default 80) change

                  System message  
                  Processor Cortex-M4
                  Main frequency 120MHz
                  Flash 512K bytes
                  Number of ports 1
                  Interface standard RJ4S (with network transformer)
                  Rate 10/100 Mbps, MDI/MDIX crossover automatic switching
                  Protection 1.5KV electromagnetic isolation
                  Network protocol IP, TCP, UDP, DHCP, DNS, HTTP, ARP, ICMP, Web socket, Httpd client
                  Receive buffer Maximum support for 16K cache
                  Serial port  
                  Number of ports 2 (2-way TTL serial port, support simultaneous work)
                  Interface standard TTL serial port : 2.54 pin 3.3V
                  Data bit 5, 6, 7, 8
                  Stop bit 1, 2
                  Check Digit None, Even, Odd, Space, Mark
                  Baud rate TTL serial port: 600 bps ~ 1024K bps
                  Flow Control RTS/CTS
                  Cache Send and receive each 2K
                  RS-48S pull-up resistor No, reserve 48S transceiver control pin
                  Virtual serial port (USR-VCOM) Windows 2000 or thin ner (32 bit / 64 bit)
                  Configuration method Built-in web page, host computer setting software, serial port com mand
                  Basic parameters  
                  Size 50x30x23.2 (mm) with network port and pin
                  Operating temperature  -40 ~ 85 °C (industrial grade)
                  Save environment  -40 ~105°C, 5 ~ 95% RH (no condensation)
                  Input voltage DC 3.3V/DC 5V
                  Working current 120mA (aver) /125mA (max) @3.3V
                  120mA (aver) /125mA (max) @5V
                  Power consumption <1W
                  Safety certification CE, FCC, ROHS

                  Package includes:

                  1 x Module

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