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USB Wired Yellow LED Backlight Colorful Mechanical Handfeel Gaming Keyboard Mouse Headphone Combo

Colors: Black Orange Light, White Colorful Light, Black Colorful Light
Material: Metal + Plastic
3pcs Set: Gaming Keyboard+ Mouse+E-sports Headphone
Gaming Keyboard Specification:
Size: 460*180*35mm 
Cable Length: 1.5M 
Key Number: 104keys 
Pressure: 50±10g 
Connecting Method: USB 
Key Cap: Bi-color Injection Moulding
Multimedia Key: Yes 
1. Sanded panel, non-slip and shockproof, solid and durable, full of mechanical sensation 
2. 104keys all from Bi-color Injection Mouldillg, unlike the silk printing easy to fade, 
     this one is hard to fade even long abrasion, and keeps letter clear and easy to identify.
3. Waterproof design, can normally use even water slips into. 
4. No conflict while 19 key(QWEASDZXCB  CTRL  ALT  SHIFT  TAB  SPACE   ↓   ↑   ←   → . ) pressed simultaneously 
Convenient multimedia press keys, FN plus the related function keys(F1-F12) 
4. Ergnomic support leg, with 45° golden angle, offers you best handling angle. 
5. 3-section colorful backlight, cool and unique, gives you totally indulging gaming vibe. 
Keyboard  Backlight: 
Support breathable light mode 
Support one key to turn off the light 
How to Use: 
FN+SL: Switch the fixed backlight mode, in this mode, continuously press "↓" to turn off backlight 
FN+ ↑: light becomes stronger 
FN+ ↓: light becomes weaker 
FN+ PS: colorful breathable backlight mode 
FN+ PS: 3-section breathable backlight mode 
Convenient Multimedia Keys: 
FN plus the related function keys(F1-F12), easy keys to have you entertained. 
Music player: FN+F1 
Volume-: FN+F2 
Volume+: FN+F3 
Mute: FN+F4
Last Song: FN+F5 
Next song: FN+F6 
Play/Pause: FN+F7 
Stop: FN+F8 
Email: FN+F9 
Homepage: FN+F10
My Computer: FN+F11 
Lock Key: FN+F12 
Note: Black orange light Keyboard just only orange light effect, no colorful and backlight mode can change.
Gaming Mouse Specification:
Size: 130*75*40mm 
Cable Length: 1.5M 
Connecting Method: USB  
Key Number: 6keys 
DPI: 800-1600-2400-3200
1. Macro languages e-sports gaming mouse.
2. 6-key operation,3D roller. 
3. 4-grade DPI adjustable: 800-1600-2400-3200. 
4. Colorful breathable lighting effect. 
E-sports Headphone Specification: 
Impedance: 2.2KΩ
Speaker Diameter: 40mm 
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz 
Cable Length: 2.2M 
Connecting Method: USB  
Shocking low bass, hidden mic. 
Package Included:
1 x Gaming Keyboard 
1 x Gaming Mouse 
1 x E-sports Headphone

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