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VISBELLA 7 Seconds Speedy Fix Quick Bonding Glue Grey Color Fast Dry Reinforcing Adhesive for Metal Plastic Wood Ceramic Repair


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                  VISBELLA speedy-fix repairs almost anything with unique reinforcing and filling capabiliyies. It can be quick fixed with high bond strength in just 7~15 seconds. Breaks, cracks, holes and gaps can be quickly and esaily repaired.

                  Speedy-Fix Filling and Reinforcing adhesive is designed to bond rubber, copper, steel, aluminum and most plastics. Black to repair Bumper Grilles Radiators Motorcycle Fairings Electrical Switches Door Handles Distributor caps and so much more. Grey power and Clear Powder Cracks on engine casings heat resistant.
                  1. Rapid solidification. Rock hard in 7-10 seconds.
                  2. Strong cohesive force.
                  3. Wide usage.
                  4. Easy operation.


                  Index Adhesive Powder
                  Density 0.98 1.50~2.05
                  Appearance Clear Liquid Black+Grey 
                  Odor Sharp, Irritating None
                  Vapour Pressure <0.2mm at 24 deg°C <0.2mm at 24 deg°C
                  Watersolubility Polymerises in water Partiallysoluble in water


                  First, identify the type of repair you will be making and gather any appropriate materials you may need such as masking tape, cleaning materials, and others. Make sure you have all the tools and accessories included in the kit for the whole repair. Avoid any direct skin contact with the adhesive.

                  Step 1:
                  Make sure the target area is clean, dry, and free of any dirt and oil. If necessary, roughen the target area with sandpaper prior to application. Use the glove provided in the kit while repairing 
                  Step 2:
                  Use a k-nife or razor to cut the nozzle off the powder container at a 45 angle. Use the pin to pierce the adhesive nozzle and then insert the small adhesive catheter into the nozzle tightly Evenly apply the adhesive on the repair area
                  Step 3:
                  Apply appropriate amount of powder (thickness s 5mm) covering the adhesive in the repair area. If necessary, use the stick provided to adjust the powder shape and amount of powder used. Next, apply the dhesive again onto the powder until the powder no longer absorbs the adhesive Note: When the adhesive combines with the powder, it will produce a lot of heat and gasses that can cause slight irritation within 10 seconds. If the repair is not thick enough repeat step 3.

                  Packing Included: 
                  1 x 10ml Grey Powder
                  1 x 10ml Adhesive

                  Detail Pictures:

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