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[Wall Mounted] XIAOMI Deerma Automatic Aromatherapy Humidifier Air Purifier Seamless Wall Hanging Aroma Diffuser Automatic Fragrance Machine

Description :

XIAOMI Deerma  [ Wall Mounted ]  Automatic Aromatherapy Machine Aroma Diffuser Automatic Fragrance Machine 

– [ Manual / Automatic 2 Modes ] : Not only can it be sprayed automatically, but it can also be configured with manual mode, which can be controlled at any time – when feeling the air is turbid or smelly, you can spray it with a short press of the button.
– [ Electromagnetic Induction Control, Timed Fragrance ] : Built-in smart chip, preset automatic spray every 20min, to add fresh aroma to the interior, to dispel the turbid air and odor in daily life. Stand by for 24 hours a day, bringing you a whole day of fresh aroma
– [ Seamless Wall Hanging ] : In the form of wall hanging, the hanging plate is placed vertically on a smooth and smooth surface, and the main unit can be easily hung. No need to punch holes, not only protect various walls, but also have more installation methods
– [ Vertical Jet High And Far ] : The horizontal eruption system was changed to vertical, avoiding the shackles that spray directly onto the face. The collecting spout can spray the aroma into the air in a bundle, let the fragrance radiate high and far, and reach all corners of the room in all directions.
– [ Long Lasting Ffragrance ]  : The high-pressure design is combined with the micro-pore nozzle to spray out fine particles to form an artificial fragrance, which drifts for a long time and is suspended in the air. Each bottle of spray can be used for 20 days 

Specification :

Brand XIAOMI Deerma 
Shell M aterial                  PP, ABS
Color  White
Weight  250g
Size  198 x 65 x 62 mm
Suitable For   Living room, bathroom, bedroom ,etc
Power 2 x AA Batteries ( Not Included ) ( Can supply power for about three months )
Indicator Light Red & Green
Tow Modes  Automatic / Manual 

Package Includes :

1 x XIAOMI Deerma Automatic Aromatherapy Machine
1 x Hanging Board
1 x Aromatherapy Bottle

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