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WiFi Weather Station LCD Thermometer Hygrometer Rainfall Pressure Wind Speed Direction Wireless APP Weather Forecast Data Alarm


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                  Function Declaration:
                  WS-1050 is a professional weather station with WiFi, Bluetooth, users can  view the latest weather data
                  any time and anywhere through their phone (APP kit).
                  1. Calendar:Date display format is YYYY-MM-DD,MM-DD- YY,DD-MM-YY(User  chooses to set up)
                  2. Clock display: Clock display format can bu customized ,set to 12 hours or  24 hours.
                  3. Automatic calibration time: Indoor computers can connect to the Internet  via WiFi,automatic  synchronization of current phone time,Or APP through Bluetooth update  time.If you cancel the alarm,press  touch key.
                  4. Alarm clock :BI BI alarm sound to alert users,the alarm clock rings 2  minutes.If you cancel the alarm press  touch key.
                  5. Wireless 433MHz receiving: indoor and outdoor transmitters receive about  100m from the open space, data  frequency 40 seconds / 1 launch.
                  6. Indoor humidity : Relative humidity display,can set the alarm value of  high humidity and low humidity  independently, scope:20RH%~90RH%(±5%).
                  7. Indoor temperature: Can set the alarm value of high temperature and low  temperature independently,the user  may set the unit at ℃ or Fahrenheit,scope: 0℃~60℃(±2℃).
                  8. Outdoor humidity: Relative humidity display,can set the alarm value of  high humidity and low humidity
                  independently, scope:20RH%~90RH%(±5%).
                  9. Outdoor temperature:Can set the alarm value of high temperature and low  temperature independently,the user  may set the unit at ℃ or ℉,scope: -40℃~60℃(±2℃).
                  10. Wind speed: User can set display wind speed units,can independently set  the wind speed high alarm value,  the display unit can be set tom /s,km/h,mph,knots or bft, scope:0m/s~50m/s.
                  11. Rainfall :Rainfall can be displayed in 1H,24H,,week,month,,year or  total amount. The display unit can  be set to mm or inch (user setting).The total rainfall was 9999mm;APP can  set the alarm value of high hourly  rainfall, ranging from 0mm to 400mm.
                  12. Wind direction :N,NE,E,SE,S,SW,W,NW eight wind direction can be  displayed.
                  13. Pressure:The air pressure is shown as absolute pressure, It can set high  voltage alarm value and low voltage  alarm value independently, and display unit can be set to Hpa or Inhg or  mmhg, scope 300hpa~1100hpa(±3  hPa).
                  14. Pressure change trend:Pressure trend is indicated 24H variation trend.
                  15. Weather forecast shows: Sunny,Cloudy,Overcast,Rainy four states icons  and weather trends.
                  16. Low voltage detection:If the battery voltage of the receiver and  transmitter is insufficient,can flicker  separately to remind users to replace batteries as soon as possible(Low  voltage of indoor battery around  3.2V).
                  17. Power supply: Alkaline battery 3 × AA 1.5V battery life more than 2  months (battery capacity determines  service time).
                  18. External DC power supply: 5V/500mA.
                  19. Backlight:Press the touch button,the backlight will be lit,duration is  10 seconds(Immutable).
                  20. Buzzer: All weather data alarm function can be set independently, the  user can set the upper / lower limit
                  1. Temperature range: 0℃~60℃(-40℉~140℉).
                  2. Temperature resolution : ±2℃.
                  3. Humidity range: 20%~99% .
                  4. Humidity resolution: ±5%(condition:Temperature 25℃ Humidity50%).
                  5. Pressure range: 300~1100hPa.
                  6. Pressure resolution: ±3 hPa.
                  7. Data update: 40 S/Time.
                  8. 5. Alarm clock: 2 Minutes duration.
                  9. Working voltage: 3XAA1.5V Battery.(Not Included)
                  10. Battery life: about 2months ( The quality and capacity of the battery  determine the service time of the  product)
                  11. External DC power supply: 5V/500mA.
                  12. Low voltage detection: Battery icon flicker(Battery voltage lower  than3.0V), (Battery voltage greater  than3.0V).
                  13. 10. Working temperature: 0℃~60℃(32℉~140℉).
                  14. Temperature range: -40℃~60℃(-40℉~140℉).
                  15. Temperature resolution : ±2℃.
                  16. Humidity range: 20%~99%.
                  17. Humidity resolution: ±5%(condition:Temperature 25℃ Humidity50%).
                  18. Wind speed range: 0~50m/s.
                  19. Wind speed resolution: 0.1 m/s.
                  20. Rainfall range : 0~9999mm.
                  21. Rainfall resolution: 0.4mm(rainfull<1000 mm) 1 mm(rainfull>1000 mm).
                  22. Data transmission : 40 S/Time.
                  23. Working voltage: 2XAA1.5V Battery .
                  24. Battery life: More than 12 months.
                  25. Low voltage detection: Battery icon flicker(Battery voltage less than  2.4 V).
                  26. Working temperature :-40℃~60℃(-40℉~140℉).
                  27. Waterproof Level: IPX3.
                  Package Includes:
                  1 x Weather Station
                  1 x Transmitter Set
                  1 x User Manal

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