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XIAOMI Brass Wandering Earth Cutesy Astronauts Decorations

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      Product name:Cutesy Astronauts
      Size(Length * Width * Highth):6.5 * 7 * 12cm


      1. A good movie, a good collection
      2. Ancient casting, all brass material, pure handmade
      3. According to the film "liu peiqiang" wearing the same spacesuit to create, shape and details do scale design
      4. Lost wax casting copper forming in one, through more than 60 processes such as clay carving, wax molding, casting, grinding and so on
      5. The surface anti-oxidation treatment, the modelling is exquisite lovable, the texture is exquisite
      6. Suit all sorts of Spaces, sitting room, study, office and so on

      Package Included:
      1 x Cutesy Astronauts

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