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Xiaomi YOUJIA R1 APP Intelligent Fingerprint Door Handle Anti-theft Smart Unlock Security Door Lock 4 Unlock Mode


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                  Brand YOUJIA (XIAOMI Ecological Chain)
                  Optional Size #1 -  5270 Single Tongue  #2 – 6070 Single Tongue
                  Unlock Mode Fingerprint,Bluetooth,Door Card,Key
                  Material Galvanized Steel, Zinc Alloy, Aluminum Alloy
                  Size 310mm*74mm*7.5mm
                  Appearance Process Painting Process
                  Standby Time 12 Months
                  Operating Ambient Temperature -20°C – 65°C
                  Applicable Door Type Wooden Door, Anti-theft Door
                  Suitable Door Thickness 4-11cm
                  Fingerprint Card Capacity 100
                  Type of Fingerprint Collector Semiconductor Biometric Fingerprints
                  Power Two Section AAA Battery(not included)
                  Low Power Alarm Mode Low-power Indicator Lamp
                  Prying Alarm Mode Local Alarm
                  Number of Fingerprint Bans 15
                  Fingerprint Algorithm Self-learning Fingerprint Algorithm
                  Applicable Lock Body Front-to-back Connected 6068 Standard Lock
                  Adaptive Lock Body ≥ iOS 8.0 / Android 4.0
                  Suitable Door Thickness  40mm-110mm


                  – 15Min Self-installation

                  – Simple Design
                  – 4 Unlock Modes

                  1. A Smart Door Lock that Everyone Can Install
                  – Simple and self-contained installation — a screwdriver, 4 screws, average 15 minutes. From a 9-year-old girl to a 70-year-old grandmother, it can be installed without pressure.
                  – Based on more than 500 experimental results, It takes an average of 15 minutes to convert a traditional door lock to R1.
                  2. Multiple Secure Encryption, 360 Degrees Protect Your Private
                  – R1 integrates multiple security encryption and authentication technologies. Device-one-machine-one-secret, two-way identity authentication with users'mobile phones and the establishment of secure channels can effectively prevent forgery of equipment attacks, forgery instructions, monitoring or tampering with key information, cracking and stealing keys.
                  3. Semiconductor Biometric Fingerprint Recognition Module, Support AI E volution
                  – More accurate and durable new fingerprint module, self-learning to optimize recognition rate. We also specially customized the shape of the fingerprint recognition area to make it more integrated with the handle.
                  4. At the same time support the door card to open the door, care for the elderly and children at home.
                  – On the basis of keeping the key open, each door lock is also equipped with two door cards. After binding, the door card can be used to open the door, which is convenient for the elderly with fingerprints and children with unstable fingerprints.
                  5. Support small program to open the door,remote sharing unlock permission.
                  – Small programs provide meticulous setup services. In addition to opening doors, administrators can also share the corresponding unlocking privileges for different users remotely according to user types, and set their unlocking time. Even outside the country, it is easy to manage the family's access.
                  6. Installation does not destroy the door lock,Moving can also take away
                  – The R1's unique design allows it to be installed without removing the original lock body and without causing any damage to the door and lock body. Friends who rent a house don't have to worry about the landlord's restrictions. Change the door lock that only you can open. There is more protection, even if you move, you can take it away.
                  7. 2 section AAA batteries, battery life for a whole year
                  – Low-power design, even if it is unlocked 10 times a day, it can last for 12 months. When the battery is lower than the warning line, the door lock will automatically alarm and then open the door more than 100 times, allowing you enough time to replace the battery.

                  Package Included:

                  2 x door handles
                  2 x bottom plates
                  2 x decorative panel
                  3 x cylinder cover
                  1 set auxiliary tools
                  1 x instruction
                  1 x screwdriver
                  1 x ruler tools
                  1 set components

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