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XY-WT01 Temperature Controller Digital LED Display Heating/Cooling Regulator Thermostat Switch


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                  Product medel: XY-WT01
                  Power supply: DC6~30V
                  Temp range: -50℃~110℃
                  Control accuracy: 0.1℃
                  Measurement input: NTC10K/B3950
                  Refresh frequency: 0.5second
                  Output type: relay output 10A
                  Type of probe: 0.5m waterproof probe


                  Set Temperature –SetT; Backlash Temperature–BackT
                  1.Heating Mode H:
                  When Temperature ≤ SetT – BackT;Relay conduction, heating equipment begin to work;
                  WhenTemperature≥ SetT,Relaydisconnect, heating equipment stop work;
                  2.Refrigeration mode C:
                  When Temperature ≥ SetT+BackT;Relay conduction, refrigeration equipment begin to work;
                  When Temperature ≤ SetT;Relay conduction, refrigeration equipment stopwork;
                  3.High Temperature Alarm ALA:
                  When Temperature≥ AlarmTemperature,The system opens the sound and light alarm, and disconnects the relay, any key stops the sound light;
                  4.Delay Start OPH:
                  When a normal heating or refrigeration work is done, the system starts to time T, and only after the T≥OPH, the system can carry out the next round of heating or refrigeration work;
                  5.Temperature Correction Function OFE(-10.0 ~ 10.0℃):
                  The system will work for a long time and may have deviations that can be corrected by this function,Temperature = Measured + Calibration;
                  6.Parameter Remote Read/Set:
                  The parameters such as setting temperature, backlash temperature and temperature correction can be set through UART.
                  7.Real-time Temperature Report:
                  If the temperature reporting function is turned on, the product is transmitted to the terminal by the UART at 1s intervals, which facilitates data collection;
                  8.Relay enable (default enable):
                  If the relay is disable, the relay remains disconnected;
                  9.Restore factory Settings:
                  At the same time press the STOP, set key more than 3S, restore factory settings;
                  Working modesetting /backlash temperature:
                  1.In the running interface, short press SET key, enter the Quick setting interface;
                  2.After entering the Quick Setup interface, switch the parameters
                  3.Through theUP DOWN key, modify the parameter value, support short press/long press;
                  4.Long press SET to build more than 3S or continuous 6S without any key operation, exit quickly set the interface, and save parameters;
                  Alarm temperature/delay Start /temperature correction:
                  1.In the operating interface, long press SET more than 3s, enter the parameters to set the interface;
                  2.Enter the parameter to set the interface, through the short press SET key to switch to set the parameters;
                  3.through the UP DOWN key, modify the parameter value, support short press/long press;
                  4.Long press SET3s above or continuous 6S without any key operation, exit parameter set interface, and save parameters;
                  How to turn on high temperature alarm (default off):
                  Enter the parameter setting interface, switch to the alarm parameter ALA, turn on or off the high temperature alarm function by short pressing the STOP button, and if the high temperature alarm function closes, ALA displays '—-' as a reminder;
                  How to turn on delay start (default 0ff):
                  Enter parameter setting interface, switch to alarm parameter OPH, turn on or off high temperature alarm function by short Press STOP button, if high temperature alarm function closes, OPH show '—' to remind;
                  Serial Control (MCU UART)
                  Communication standards: 9600bps, Data bits: 8
                  Stop Bits: 1
                  CRC: none
                  Flow control: none
                  Package included:

                  1 x XY-WT01 Temperature Controller

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