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1.5KW Frequency Converter Single Phase 220V Single Phase 380V 3 Phase Input Variable Frequency Inverter


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                  Power 1.5KW
                  Output 220V or 380V
                  Output frequency range 0.01-400Hz The maximum frequency can be set arbitrarily between 25.00-400.0Hz
                  Voltage single phase: 220V ± 15%; three phase: 380V ± 15%
                  Frequency 50-60Hz ± 5%
                  Control mode full digital space voltage vector SVPWM algorithm; carrier frequency 1-12 KHz continuously adjustable.
                  Starting frequency 0.00- 25.00Hz can be set arbitrarily
                  Output frequency resolution 0.01Hz
                  Frequency setting 0.01Hz:
                  Resolution Analog input (external terminal) setting: 1% of the highest frequency
                  V/F characteristics linear VF; base frequency can be set freely between 25.00 and 400.0 Hz
                  Torque compensation linear torque compensation mode, compensation voltage range: 0-30%
                  Overload capability 150% rated current 1 minute; 180%, rated current 2 seconds.
                  Stop mode deceleration stop / free stop
                  Acceleration and deceleration time 0.1-6000 seconds (acceleration, deceleration can be set separately)


                  — This product is a high performance frequency converter, the power is 1.5KW, the input is three-phase 380V/50HZ, the output is three-phase 380V/ 0-400HZ.

                  — Input end is connected to R S T, output end is connected to U V W motor.
                  — Widely used in: pump control flow, constant pressure water supply, engraving machine, printing machinery, packaging equipment, fan speed and other industries.
                  — Widely used in power electronics and transmission industry at home and abroad, energy saving transformation, used in power, textile and chemical fiber, building materials, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, municipal, paper, food and beverage, to-bacco and other industries and public works (central air conditioning, water supply, water treatment, elevators, etc.).

                  Wiring Instructions, Danger Tips:
                  1. Before wiring, please confirm that the input power has been cut off.
                  There is a risk of electric shock and fire.
                  2. Wiring work must be performed by an electrical engineering professional.
                  There is a risk of electric shock and fire.
                  3. The grounding terminal must be reliably grounded.
                  There is a risk of electric shock and fire.
                  4. After the emergency stop terminal is connected, be sure to check if its action is valid.
                  There is a danger of injury. (The wiring responsibility is borne by the user)
                  5. Do not touch the output terminal directly. Do not connect the output terminals of the inverter to the housing, and do not short-circuit the output terminals.
                   There is a risk of electric shock and short circuit.

                  1. Please confirm whether the AC main circuit power supply and the rated voltage of the inverter are consistent. There is a risk of injury and fire.
                  2. Do not perform voltage withstand test on the inverter. Can cause damage to semiconductor components, etc.
                  3. Connect the brake resistor or brake unit according to the wiring diagram. There is a danger of fire.
                  4. Tighten the terminal with a screwdriver of the specified torque. There is a danger of fire.
                  5. Do not connect the input power cable to the output U.V.W terminal. The voltage is applied to the output terminals, which can cause internal damage to the inverter.
                  6. Do not connect the phase shift capacitor to the output loop. This can cause internal damage to the inverter.
                  7. Do not connect the electromagnetic switch or electromagnetic contactor to the output circuit. When the inverter is running with load, the inrush current generated by the action of the electromagnetic switch and the electromagnetic contactor will cause the overcurrent protection circuit of the inverter to operate.

                  Product protection features:
                  — After the inverter has abnormal conditions, the protection circuit and the fault output relay are activated, and the fault is displayed and stopped. Please find the cause of the fault and the corresponding countermeasures, and then solve the fault and then run. The inverter has over current. Intelligent power module protection, under voltage protection, over voltage protection, over temperature protection, overload protection. (Please refer to the manual for details on the product usage and parameter introduction)

                  Package Included:
                  1 x Inverter

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