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1-5L/min Portable Full Intelligent Home Oxygen Concentrator Generator Machine


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                  Material: Plastic+Electronic Component
                  Color: White+Black
                  Voltage Rating: AC 220V 50Hz
                  Power Rating: : 125W
                  LED Light Using Life: Appr. 10000 hours
                  Oxygen Concentration Range: 30%~95%
                  Oxygen Flow Range: ≥1L/min(Adjustable 1-3L/min, the oxygen concentration changes)
                  Running Noise: 35dB-55dB
                  Working Hours: More than 500 hours (no fault)
                  Timed Running Time: 10-300min
                  Plug: China National Standard Plug(We will base on your country to send the corresponding adapter plug)
                  Size: (L)X(W)X(H) 25x19x41cm /9.84"x7.48"x16.14"(appr.)
                  – Adjustable oxygen flow 1L/min-3L/min, oxygen purity30%~95%.
                  – Support continuous oxygen throughout the day, can continuously work 24hours.
                  – Intelligent one-button operation control is convenient for the older to use.
                  – Oxygen making and atomization, you can enjoy medical care at home
                  – Mute design more comfortable.
                  Timing Function:
                  – If the user needs to set time for taking oxygen. Press the "Timer" button after powering on, and the TIME indicator will flash.
                  (NOTE: Shut down and then on, the interval should not be less than 5 minutes, to prevent the air compressor host from starting with the machine to affect its service life)
                  – Set the time required for adjustment. Each press of the "Timing Increase" button increases the time by 10 minutes. The upper limit is 5 hours.
                  – Press the time button again to enter the timed oxygen intake state. At this time, the TIME indicator light is always on, and the display enters the countdown. After the setting is completed, the oxygen can be directly sucked, waiting for the timing to end.
                  Atomization Function:
                  After the power is turned on, press M (mode button) to switch the atomization mode. When the display atomization indicator lights up, the compressed air source gas is ejected from the atomization hole under the display panel, indicating that the atomization function has been successfully started.
                  (Do not provide any aerosolized medicines, if necessary, please purchase liquid medicines (1-8ml) under the guidance of a doctor to add to the atomization cup)
                  Negative Ion Function:
                  In the oxygen production state, there is an automatic protection air purification function to achieve negative ion purification air. If the negative ion is turned off, press the "Timing Increase" button for 3 seconds. When the negative ion indicator is off, it is off.
                  (The opening and closing of the negative ion function has no effect on oxygen production and oxygen absorption.)
                  Clean the outer casing: Clean the outside of the casing at least once a month. First, cut off the power supply and wipe it with a clean, soft cloth dampened with disinfectant to prevent liquid from entering the crack of the casing.
                  Cleaning of oxygen-absorbing accessories: Generally, it should be cleaned once a day. It should be disinfected and cleaned after each use. It can be washed with 5% potassium permanganate solution for 5 minutes, then rinsed with water, then keep it dry.
                  – Before opening the machine, check if there is any confetti item around the fuselage that may be sucked into the air intake grille.
                  – Plug the oxygen generator power into the back socket of the oxygen generator, turn on the power, and the display will light up when the machine is powered.
                  – Press the switch key, the machine defaults to 1L flow for oxygen production. At this time, the flow key can be adjusted by the mode button.
                  – Before use, add a little pure water to the upper humidification cup, and do not exceed the scale line inside the humidification cup.
                  – The oxygen machine needs to be placed on a flat hard bottom or on the table. Do not tilt.
                  – Please check if the oxygen pipe is smooth, do not bend at right angles to avoid oxygen can not sprayed out.
                  – Please check if the power plug is in normal contact and the working voltage is stable.
                  – For vehicle use, please configure an inverter higher than the rated output of 200W, which is used when the car is started.
                  – Please take care not to be accessible to children.
                  Package Included:
                  1 x Oxygen Concentrator
                  1 x Nasal Suction Oxygen Tube
                  1 x Atomizing Cup
                  1 x Mask
                  1 x Oxygen Tube
                  1 x Power Cord

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