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100pcs 88x21x15mm PVC Tile Leveling U Shape Wedge Tile Spacers For Tile Surface-Levelling System

100pcs 88x21x15mm PVC tile leveling U shape wedge tile spacers fit for tile surface-levelling system. 

Material: PP plastic
Color: Blue
Size: 88 * 21 * 15mm

– You can quickly adjust and maintain the flatness of between tile and tiles.
– Prevent displacement in cement or tile with the tile adhesive solidification process.
– Simple operation easy to use, very easy to use.
– Greatly improving the speed of paving tiles, and reduce the difficulty of paving tiles,
– Tile leveling device (adjust the horizontal between tiles and tiles)
– After the end of work, with your foot kicked out or with a rubber mallet knock out along the slit direction.
– Blue wedge spacer after removed can also reusable.

Package Included:
100 x Wedges

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