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10Pcs O-Rings Fluorine Rubber Round Seal Ring Gasket High Temperature Resistance

#1: 13×1.5mm
#2: 11×1.5mm
#3: 9×1.5mm
#4: 7×1.5mm
1. Circular in shape, round in cross-section.
2. Fluorine rubber has heat, fuel, and chemical resistance.
3. This O-ring is made of Fluorine rubber, is designed for use in a wide variety of sealing applications.
4. O-rings commonly provide a pressure and fluid seal between cylindrically shaped, overlapping mating surfaces and are commonly seen in engines, faucets, flanges, valves, and various cylinders.
5. Suitable for car, door, window, electric appliance, bearing, pump, carrier roller auto, home appliances, fittings, A/C manifold and more. 
Package Included:
10 x Seal Rings

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