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12V 170PSI 4 Trumpet Train Air Compressor Huge Sound System Complete Horn Kit


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                  This comes with built-in 0-170 PSI pressure gauge which is designed for any high-pressure air horns that require on-board air system. Equipped with built-in temperature switch with great performance. Will automatically shut off when air compressor goes over 80 °C and restart when it gets back down to 70 °C.


                  Model number: 940532
                  Product name: 4 Trumpet Air Horn Kit
                  Overall size: 385mm (L)*137mm (W)*183mm (H)
                  Max pressure: 170 PSI
                  Power input: DC 12V
                  Max voltage: 18 A
                  Tank capacity: 3 Liters
                  Duty cycle: 15%
                  Hose length: 5.08m
                  Pressure Switch Settings: 100 PSI on, 125 PSI off
                  4 Trumpet air train horn:
                  Color: Black
                  Material: Zinc
                  Decibel: 150db
                  Voltage: 12V/24V
                  Overall size: 345mm* 155mm* 165mm
                  Trumpet length: 165mm, 225mm, 290mm, 345mm
                  Trumpet width: 90mm

                  HOW TO USE:
                  1. Remove compressor, receiver drier or accumulator, orifice tube or expansion valve.
                  2. Flush the condenser and evaporator using NON-OIL BASED A/C flush. On expansion valve systems THE VALVE MUST BE REMOVED before the evaporator can be flushed. FLUSHED CONDENSERS FROM OUTLET TO INLET AND EVAPORATORS FROM INLET TO OUTLET.
                  Warning: Newer Style condenser designs are very hard, and sometime it would be impossible to do flush, In those cases it is suggested that if the compressor has a major failure the condenser should be replaced.
                  3. Drain all the oil from the new compressor and dispose of according to local, state and federal laws. NOTE: if you compressor has a drain plug you will need to open it up and drain what oil is in there too.
                  4. Install half oil charge into the compressor and the remainder throughout the system. Turn compressor shaft 8-10 full revolutions to insure front seal and other internal parts are lubricated.
                  5. Install new receiver drier or accumulator and new orifice tube or expansion valve.
                  6. Evacuate the A/C system for a minimum of one hour.
                  7. After evacuation install half the refrigerant charge and let the system set for 1 minute. This will allow the refrigerant to pick up oil and spread more evenly throughout the system.
                  8. Start engine whit A/C controls on MAX AIR with door and windows open.
                  9. Add the remaining charge of refrigerant as called for by the manufacture.

                  Package Included:
                  1 X 4 Trumpet Air Horn
                  1 X Air Compressor
                  1 X Air Tubing

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