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12V AKS Antenna Metal Detector Locator Scanner Gold Mineral 1200M Detecting Range


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                  Maximum Detection Depth: 25 Meters
                  Search Range: 1200 Meters
                  Energy: 12V 1600mAh
                  Transmission Frequency: 5.6-6KHz
                  Signal Frequency: 360-440Hz
                  Detection Type: Gold, Silver, Copper, Diam
                  Weight: 3.2KG

                  Use of the Transmitter:
                  1. Power Switch–This is the power switch button. (When the instrument is not used, the switch should not be turned on.)
                  2. Select the metal you want to probe according to the metal you want to probe: Gold, Silver, Copper, Diam.
                  Note: It can not select two metals at the same time. Otherwise it will damage the instrument.

                  Use of the Host:
                  Just turn on the power switch. It can be detected based on the original selected metal species above the emitter.

                  Operation Method:
                  Because the instrument's handle is free to rotate, wind can interfere with the metal detector. Therefore, the use of this instrument in the presence of wind will be subject to certain interference. The use of this instrument is very much related to the operator's control of the scan.
                  Choose a comfortable posture to stand on the ground, hold the instrument with your hand, and keep your elbows close to the sides of your body.
                  Note: You must have this instrument in front of your body so that the receiving antenna has enough space to deploy and tilt the antenna slightly downwards from the horizontal line. This angle is between 7 degrees and 10 degrees.

                  1. Hold the instrument as above, scan very slowly in an arc while turning yourself. At this time, the prober's elbow should always be tightly pressed against both sides of the body, and it would be possible to turn it from 40 degrees to 60 degrees. Note: The explorer must slowly rotate and keep the body steady.
                  2, regulate your scanning action. First, let the receiving antenna stretch properly. Position the receiving antenna directly in front of you, at 90 degrees to your body, and do not deflect to the left or right.
                  3. When the antenna is aimed at the target, the instrument locks in, although you continue to probe across the target. When you think this lock is valid, you remember this direction. Then, move the instrument about 10 meters to the left or right and repeat the process of locking the target. Observe the locking direction of this time. The intersection of the two directions is the buried position of the target.
                  4. If you feel that there is a certain offset in the specific location just measured, you can lock it from another angle. If the target is within about 10 meters, you slowly and steadily follow one of the defined routes. When you pass the target and it is directly above it, the instrument's antenna swings on both sides. At this time, the measured position is very accurate.

                  1. Due to the presence of magnetic storms and solar aurora, the instrument must be commissioned for a period of time before it can be used normally. The receiver will continue to receive signals during this time, but the instrument will not respond. This situation is beyond the control of the Ravens. It takes time to adapt.
                  2, the instrument is more suitable for field operations, detection in the urban areas susceptible to interference, especially radio waves, so before using the instrument to turn off the phone.

                  Package Included:
                  1 x Metal Detector
                  1 x Antenna
                  1 x Transmitter
                  1 x Power Adapter
                  2 x Keys
                  1 x Packing Box
                  1 x User Manual

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