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12V Electric Air Compressor Pump Portable Ball Automotive Inflator For Motorcycle Car


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                  Type: Automotive Inflator
                  Material: Metal + ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
                  Color: Black, Yellow, Green
                  Power Type: Car C igarette Lighter Plug
                  Power Cord Length: 3 Meters
                  Current: 8A
                  Voltage: 12V
                  Power: 100W
                  Pressure: 3GK
                  Pressure Flow: 25L/min
                  Cylinder Specification: 19 Cylinders
                  Additional Features: Lighting Safety hammer Test tire pressure
                  Scope of Application: Car, motorcycle, bicycle, rubber boat, ball, etc.
                  Size: Approx.15x8x13cm/5.9×3.1×5.1 inch

                  Inflatable use method:
                  1. Connect the power.
                  2. Connect the nozzle to the tire.
                  3. Start the air pump switch. At this time, the value of the meter will increase with the saturation of the tire pressure.
                  When the value reaches the appropriate air pressure (typically the car pressure is 2.5kg/cm2), turn off the switch, take off the gas nozzle, and complete the inflation.
                  Test tire pressure using method:
                  1. Directly align the pressure measuring head to the valve, press hard and the pressure gauge will show the air pressure of the automobile tire.
                  Lighting, SOS signal light use method:
                  1. Connect the power.
                  2. Press the light switch, the LED lights up, press the light switch again, SOS signal turns on.
                  How to use the hammer:
                  1. Air pump head with safety hammer device.
                  2. Remove safety helmet to directly hit car glass to ensure your safety in emergency situations.
                  1. This machine cannot be used to inflate tires of large and overweight vehicles, such as trucks, large trucks, etc.
                  2. The engine of the car should be activated when in use to increase the power without losing the battery power of the car.
                  3. This machine is limited to use DC (DC 12V 12-24A) power supply, 220V domestic power is not available,
                  if you want to use household power, you must use a transformer to DC12V.
                  4. When the tire is inflated, it is best to take a rest every 10 minutes so that the body can be used after cooling,
                  which can extend the life of the motor.
                  5. Inflate the tires of a typical car. The normal tire pressure of 2.5KG/CM2 can be achieved in about 5-7 minutes. The tires are larger and the time is longer.
                  6. When the meter pointer starts to rise rapidly (about 490KPA in about two or three seconds),
                  the air is blocked and the air does not enter the tire. At this time, the power switch must be turned off, the gas nozzle must
                  be removed, and the operation must be restarted again. Or the meter and motor will be damaged.
                  7. Do not leave the inflator when using it, pay attention to tire pressure at any time, do not inflate too saturated.

                  Packaged Included:

                  1 X Electric Air Compressor Pump
                  1 X Rubber Tube
                  3 X Gas Nozzle
                  1 X Power Cable

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