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1350W 110V/220V Induction Heater Car Paintless Dent Repair Machines Tool Hot Box Remove Kit


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                  Model: MN1800
                  Input voltage: 110/220V
                  Frequency: 50/60HZ
                  Maximum output voltage: 311V
                  Maximum frequency: 150KHZ
                  Maximum power 1350W
                  Current: 10A
                  Plug: US 110V/ EU 220V

                  Package Included:
                  1x Car Induction Heater
                  Quention and answer: 
                  1.Q: What is the working principle of induction heater?
                   A: Theinduction heater uses the principle of electromagnetic pulse technology and is a new technology in physical science.
                  2.Q: How to use electromagnetic dent second repeater?
                   A: The repair head of the induction heater is operated around the recess to release the tension of the car sheet metal, and the recessed part naturally pops up.
                  3.Q: What kind of pits can this induction heater repair? How much recess can it repair?
                  A: The induction heater is mainly for some round and gentle depressions, and the repair range is regardless of the area. The depth of the depression (also known as the fracture degree of the iron plate) directly affects the feasibility of repair:
                  1). If the area of ​​the depression is large, but the depression is more rounded, the iron plate of the car is not excessively stretched, and this type of pit can be repaired.
                  2). The depression at the rib line and the fold is not applicable. If the depression is too large, it needs to be repaired with other tools. It is recommended to repair the suction and pull three-in-one tool.
                  3). If the area of ​​the depression is small, but the middle is sharp and has an acute angle shape, this type of depression cannot be repaired by using the recessed seconds.
                  4). The recess of the aluminum body cannot be repaired by the dent repairing machine, because the aluminum body is made of non-elastic metal material and is not suitable for electromagnetic repair.
                  4. Q: Can the dead pits be repaired?
                  A: The dead end of the pit can not be repaired by the induction heater. In the paint-free dent repair industry, dead pits and corners are also difficult for the masters who have been repairing for decades. Because the stretch of the dead pit is too large, the middle point is sharp, and the hook is difficult to repair, and even if it is repaired The recessed part will also be high, and the paint layer may be broken or the paint may be cracked during the repair process. So without years of technology precipitation, this kind of depression can't be repaired.
                  If you repair such a depression, you can use the suction top depression repair tool to repair it, and then use the repair instrument to close the repair.
                  5.Q: What is the difference between the induction heater and the traditional repair tools?
                  A: 1). Avoid disassembly – the traditional repair tool is to use the hook to extend into the sheet metal to pull the top to achieve the repair of the depression, the construction time is relatively long, and some tricky parts will involve disassembling the door window, etc., and seconds The re-instrument can work directly in the recessed part, eliminating the cumbersome steps of disassembly.
                  2). Time efficiency is greatly improved – the depression in the repair range of the second repair instrument, the repair time is a few seconds, the length is 3 to 5 minutes, the traditional hook tool is generally more than 5 minutes; the putty spray paint requires up to 24 hours of repair In terms of working hours, the recovery efficiency of the second counter is relatively high.
                  3). Exquisite workmanship – the effect of the second resurrection is flat. The traditional hook tool can be repaired with bumps or local heights. It depends on the repairing technique and experience. If there is a bump, use a plastic pen. Going a little bit of tapping, the steps are cumbersome and require a high level of skill for the operator.

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