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220V 50HZ 60W Professional UVC Disinfection Sterilizer Lamp Machines Movable With Fixture,UV Germicidal Light For Factory/School/Pet Store


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                  Name SM-II UV Movable disinfection lamp car
                  Power supply voltage 220V ± 10% 50Hz
                  UV lamp power 30W x 2
                  UV radiation wavelength
                  Adjustable angle of lamp 0-180 degrees can be adjusted arbitrarily.
                  Sterilization area 60 square meters
                  Ultraviolet radiation

                   ≥ 2147u w / cm2
                   (at the place where the two tubes are 1 m from the lamp Center)

                  Main components Base, box, lamp arm
                  Size 995 * 200 * 215mm
                  Weight 8KG
                  -With 360 degree wheels, easy to move.
                  -The lamp arm can be adjusted from 0 to 180 degrees for easy operation.
                  -The lamp can be folded for convenient storage.
                  -0-60min timing function, the disinfection vehicle automatically stops working within the specified time, and the disinfection time is freely set
                  -The power can be expanded, with two 30W lamp interfaces.
                  -It is mainly applicable to schools, hospitals, shopping malls, offices, kitchens, cinemas, hotels, KTV, restaurants, catering services, food manufacturing, animal husbandry, poultry breeding and other public places. Usually, the population is relatively dense, and the germs are easy to be disinfected and used in places with infection, which can kill the germs

                  Package included:
                  1 x Ultraviolet Movable Disinfection Lamp Car

                  Lamp installation:
                  Install two 30W germicidal lamps, connect the lamp legs to the lamp holder, and rotate 90 degrees, so that the lamp legs are in good contact with the copper plate of the lamp holder.
                  Usage Method:
                  1. Open the protection door, take out the lamp arm, and slowly lift it to the required height.
                  2. Turn on the timer clockwise and set the disinfection time.
                  3. Plug in the power supply and turn on the light switch, sterilize the light and leave the site.
                  4. After disinfection, the timer will automatically turn off the lamp power.
                  5. After use, close the start switch, unplug the power plug, hold the lamp arm by hand, press the lamp arm adjustment button, lower the lamp arm and close the protection door.

                  1. The timer must be used in a clockwise direction. It is strictly prohibited to use it in a reverse direction.
                  2. Power on test shall be carried out before use. The power supply must be equipped with grounding wire to prevent electric shock.
                  3. After using the sterilizer for a period of time, if there is dust on the surface of the lamp, wipe the lamp with alcohol cotton or gauze to avoid affecting the effect.
                  4. When the disinfection lamp is working, the personnel must leave the site, and it is strictly prohibited to use it in the presence of people to prevent eye and skin burns.
                  5. The power cut-off device of the product and the network is the power plug. The power plug should be unplugged during maintenance or standby.
                  6. The packed sterilizer shall be stored in a dry, well ventilated room without corrosive substances.
                  7. When replacing the fuse, the power plug must be pulled out to prevent electric shock.
                  8. When the fuse is replaced, it must be replaced by professional maintenance personnel

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