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22mm 7/8 Inch Electric Hot Heated Handlebar Grip 4 Gear Temperature Adjust Motorcycle ATV Warmer


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                  1. The handle is made of high temperature resistant nitrile rubber.
                  2. The heating wire is wound horizontally, which has excellent comfort. The power is only half of the similar products.
                  It is a real high-efficiency energy-saving electric handle.
                  3. Ultra-thin electric hand switch dedicated switch
                  4. The right hand puts the throttle lead wire with a silicone fiber sleeve, which has no effect on the throttle flexibility.
                  5. Advanced electronic temperature regulation system, which does not consume power and can better protect the battery,
                  the quality of the hand switch is better than the original driver
                  6. Removable cover, can be sealed and can be switched freely through the mouth
                  7. This structure is much more difficult than straight out. The line is facing backwards. When the rotation is even,
                  the force is not at one point. The wire is made of silicone sheath (the old wire has no silicone sleeve),
                  which can be used in extremely low environment. Silicone is particularly resistant to aging and does not harden with time.


                  Color: Black
                  Input Voltage: 12V
                  Length: 128mm
                  Power: 12W-24W adjustable
                  Handle Temperature: One gear: 30 ° C – 40° C
                                                     Two gear: 45° C – 60° C
                                                     Three gear: 65 ° C – 75° C
                                                     Four gear: 70 ° C – 80 ° C
                  Switch Type: Multi-speed adjustable switch
                  Fitment: For Handle bar 12V motorcycle with diameter of 22MM

                  Installation Note:
                  1. Remove the original driver's handle
                  2. The inner hole of the left hand is moistened with soapy water, and the twisting amplitude during installation cannot be too large.
                  3. When the balance iron is installed on the left handle, the balance iron position is adjusted to be slightly separated from the handle,
                  and the handle cannot be squeezed when the screw is tightened.
                  4. Use the left hand handle to slide on the steel pipe, remove the balance iron, and fix a few drops of 502 glue from the tail of the handle.
                  5. Power cord, red line is connected to the positive pole, black line is connected to the negative pole, (not reversed)
                  6. When the left hand is installed, the power cord should be left with enough remaining turns.


                  1. When installing the left handle, do not twist the handle too much. Excessive twisting will cause the heating wire to shift.
                  2. With the balanced iron model, please adjust the balance iron installation position.
                  Do not squeeze the handle when tightening the screw. The balance iron is slightly separated from the handlebar.
                  If the installation position of the balance iron cannot be adjusted, please separate the balance between the balance
                  iron and the handle. Excessively squeezing the handle will cause difficulty in the toggle of the handlebar,
                  and the surface of the heating wire will be abnormally damaged.
                  3. must be 22MM handle inner diameter

                  Package Included:
                  2 X Electirc Heated Hanlebar Grips

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