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3pcs JDY-17 Bluetooth 4.2 Module High Speed Data Transmission Mode BLE Mesh Networking Low Power


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                  Product introduction:

                  The JDY-17 transmission module is based on the Bluetooth 4.2 protocol standard, the working band is 2. 4GHZ range, the modulation mode is GFSK,  the maximum transmission power is Odb, the maximum launch distance is 60 meters. The import original chip is designed to support the user to modify the equipment name, service UUID, transmit power, match the password and so on through the AT command. Czechoslovakia is flexible.
                  JDY-17 Bluetooth module can realize data transmission of module and cell phone or module and module, and can choose UART or IIC communication mode through I0, and BLE Bluetooth can be used for product application quickly through simple configuration.

                  Module parameter details:

                  JDY-17 product parameters
                  Model JDY-17
                  Work band 2.4G
                  Emission power Odb (maximum)
                  Communication interface UART or IIC
                  Working voltage 1.8V-3.3V
                  Working temperature -40℃ -80℃
                  Storage temperature -40℃ -80℃
                  Antenna external antenna
                  Receiving sensitivity -97dbm
                  Transmission distance of 60 meters
                  Module size 18mm* 14.94 *2.6
                  Bluetooth version BLE4.2 (compatible BLE4.0 BLE  4.1)
                  Transmission rate 115200bps/s
                  Wake-up state current 4.9mA (broadcast)
                  Shallow sleep state current <300uA (broadcast)
                  Deep sleep current 1.8uA (no broadcast)
                  Instruction parameter preservation Parameter configuration of power down data is saved
                  STM welding temperature <300℃

                  Working current:

                  Working mode Broadcast state Current Remark
                  Awaken Broadcast 4. 9mA Generally speaking with APP, it is  suggested that broadcasting should not be too long and too long to affect connection time. It is generally recommended between 100 and 500mS, such as fast connection and no demand for power consumption. The broadcast interv al can be set to the  shortest possible.
                  Deep sleep free sleep NO broadcast 1.38uA
                  Shallow sleep has radio sleep 100mS Broadcast interval 280uA
                  Average power consumption 200mS Broadcast interval 140uA
                  300mS Broadcast interval 80uA
                  400mS Broadcast interval The following current is lower
                  500mS Broadcast interval
                  600mS Broadcast interval
                  700mS Broadcast interval
                  800mS Broadcast interval
                  900mS Broadcast interval
                  1000mS Broadcast interval
                  internal state of arousal Already connected 4. 93mA In connection state, you can check the  AT +STARTEN instruc tion by pulling the PWRC pin down and Issuing the AT instruction or the direct pivoting mode.
                  Sleep state Already connected 50uA

                  Pin function description:

                  Pin Function Explain
                  1 VCC Power supply <1.8-3
                  2 PWM1 Support UART, IIC, APP control
                  3 PWM2 Support UART, IIC, APP control
                  4 104 High and low levels can be controlled by APP
                  5 NULL  
                  6 STAT UART communication mode: unconnected low level, high level aft er connection.
                  IIC communication mode: no connection to high level, connection, disconnection or reception will be interrupted by "interrupt" work,  interrupt down edge hold time 200ms
                  7 NULL  
                  8 NULL  
                  9 101 High and low levels can be controlled by APP
                  10 102 High and low levels can be controlled by APP
                  11 NULL  
                  12 MILL  
                  13 103 High and low levels can be controlled by APP
                  14 PWH3 Support UART, IIC, APP control
                  15 TO4 Support UART, IIC, APP control
                  16 MILL  
                  17 ALKD Broadcast scintillation, frequent connection after connection (master and slave effectiveness)
                  18 RTCA RTC timing time produces the falling edge interrupt signal, normally high level.
                  SELECT boot for high power, this pin function is serial TXD.
                  SELECT boot for low power, this pin function is IIC DD
                  20 RXD_0R_DC SELECT boot for high power, this pin function is serial RXD.
                  SELECT boot for low power, this pin function is IIC DC
                  21 SELECT UART or IIC selection pin
                  Open low level: IIC communication mode
                  Open high level: UART communication mode
                  The default SELECT is suspended to high level: UART communication mode. When the user needs IIC, the SELECT pin should be grounded.
                  22 PWRC Down wake-up, when the AT command needs to be sent in the  connection state, the AT instruction mode can be expressed by keeing this pin low level, and the pin is AT instruction mode at high and low levels in the unconnected state.
                  23 RESET Hardware reset pin
                  24 GND Power supply

                  Serial AT instruction set:
                  JDY-17 module serial port to send AT instructions must add rn, AT is not case sensitive.

                  Sequence Instructions Effect Master / slave Working mode Default
                  1 AT+PERM APP permission configuration S   I0,PWM Make energy
                  2 AT+RST reset M/S    
                  3 AT+H0STEN Master and subordinate setting M/S   Slave machine
                  4 AT+MAC Device MAC M/S    
                  5 AT+BAUD Baud rate M/S   9600
                  6 AT+NAME Broadcast name S   JDY-17
                  7 AT+C0NN Host connection slave M    
                  8 AT+SCAN Host scanning slave M    
                  9 AT+BAND Host bindings from the machine MAC M   000000000000
                  10 AT+USTP Serial stop bit M/S   0
                  11 AT+SLEEP Sleep M/S    
                  12 AT+PARITY Serial parity check bit M/S   0
                  13 AT+PASS Slave connection password S   123456
                  14 AT+STARTEN Working mode of opening M/S   0
                  15 AT+DEFAULT Restore the factory M/S    
                  16 AT+FLOWC Serial flow control M/S   0
                  17 AT+VER Version number M/S   JDY-17-V1.0
                  Slave connection cipher switch M/S   0

                  Package included:
                  3 x JDY-17 Bluetooth 4.2 Module High Speed Data Transmission Mode BLE Mesh Networking Low Power.

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