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400L/h 6W Aquarium External Canister Filter Water For Fish Tank Sponge Table Top

Safe and reliable nice appearance.
Easily installation and use.
Both for fresh and salt water.
Model: HW-602B
Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz
Power: 6W
Max Flow Rate: 400L/h
H-max: 0.85m/2.79'
Hose size: 12mm/0.48"
Dimension: 15x13x23cm/5.91×5.12×9.06"
Part List:
1.filter boby
2.water pump
3.Φ16 inlet adjuster
4.upper filter sponge
5.thin filter sponge
6.mid filter sponge
7.thick filter sponge
8.under filter board
9.water pipe
10.water components
How to Install:
1.(Pic 1)Pull-up 4 clasps due to arrow's direction, making the clasps depart from the cover(Pic 2).
2.Holding barrel, grabbed at an outlet pull upward, forcing the cover separates from the barrel(Pic 3).
3.If you don't need biochemical cotton, you can put other media as your requirement. After putting media, it should be the opposite direction as bottom filter plate(Pic 4). Then put on the cover, press it flatly, make the barrel and cover fit, fasten four buckles(Pic 5).
4.Put one inlet and outlet to the bottom of the body, and put another inlet and outlet to the lid(Pic 6). Screw these two inlet and outlets.
5.Please make sure the O-ring is at correct position(Pic 7)
6.Please connect the inlet and outlet pipe when it is used for the first time, forcibly suck the inlet pipe. Let the inlet pipe and bucked are full of water by siphonage, the install other spare parts(Pic 8). Attention, the outlet pipe must be immersed in the water while absorbing water, and the bucked must below the tank level.
Another way, pour three-quarters water, put the cover and turn on the power.
(attention: bring up the filter in the same level of tank, to start work)
Package includes:
1x External Filter

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