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4pcs Speed Out Damaged Screw Extractor Drill Bits Guide Set For Removing Metal Stripped Screw Tool

4pcs Speed out damaged screw extractors drill bits guide set fits for removing metal stripped screw tool.

Material: High Speed Steel
Color: Gold
Length: 51mm /2.01” 

– Easy to use, just two easy steps! An essential part of every tool kit box.
– The 4 piece screw extractor set works with any drill and any screw size or bolt.
– Made from H.S.S. 4341#, the hardness is 62-63HRC.
– Screw head grinding teeth polished, save time and effort, convienient.
– With hand drill use, easy go under the screw.

1. This is an essential part of every tool kit box.
2. It is perfect for someone who constantly has to deal with projects with rusted bolts
and screw heads,snapped off bolts and a host of other issues.
3. It is made from high quality material.
4. Oxide coated double hardened steel stays sharp and corrosion resistant.
5. Each screw is labeled and it comes in different sizes.
6. The box can be closed for easy storage so you don't lose the pieces.
7. Having this gives you confidence that stripped or broken screws are not a major problem.

Package Included:
4 x Damaged Screw Extractor
1 x Storage Box

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