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DIY RFID UNOR3 Basic Starter Learning Kit Starter Kits for Arduino


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                  This is an upgrade version UNOR3 starter kit, adds more components to achieve more features and experiments.
                  You'll learn and build a lot of creative projects with this kit.
                  Start with the basics of electronics, to do more complex projects.

                  Package Included:

                  5 x White LED 
                  5 x Yellow LED 
                  5 x Green LED 
                  5 x Red LED 
                  1 x RGB LED 
                  5 x 22pf Ceramic Capacitor 
                  5 x 104 Ceramic Capacitor 
                  2 x Photoresistor 
                  1 x Thermistor 
                  5 x Diode Rectifier (1N4007) 
                  2 x Electrolytic Capacitor (10UF 50V) 
                  2 x Electrolytic Capacitor (100UF 50V) 
                  5 x NPN Transistor (PN2222) 
                  5 x NPN Transistor (S8050) 
                  1 x Tilt Switch 
                  5 x Button (small) 
                  1 x 1 digit 7-segment Display 
                  1 x 4 digit 7-segment Display 
                  1 x Sound Sensor Module 
                  1 x LCD1602 Module ( with pin header) 
                  1 x IC L293D 
                  1 x IC 74HC595 
                  1 x Active Buzzer 
                  1 x Passive Buzzer 
                  1 x RTC Module 
                  1 x DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Module 
                  2 x Potentiometer 
                  1 x Rotary Encoder Module 
                  1 x Joystick Module 
                  1 x Keypad Module 
                  1 x 5V Relay 
                  1 x IR Receiver Module 
                  1 x UNOR3 Controller Board 
                  1 x Breadboard 
                  1 x Servo Motor (SG90) 
                  1 x Stepper Motor 
                  1 x ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Board 
                  1 x Prototype Expansion 
                  1 x Power Supply Module 
                  1 x HC-SR501 PIR Motion Sensor 
                  1 x Ultrasonic Sensor 
                  1 x GY-521 Module 
                  1 x 3V Servo Motor

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