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GJ-8019 LCD Potable Constant Temperature Hot Air G un Desoldering Soldering Station IC SMD CHIP BGA Rework with Brushless Fan


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                  1. Numerical control & Digital display: With closed loop sensor and high power,the temperature controlled by PWM and LCD digital display which  lead to steady and accurate temperature. It can adapt to a variety of purposes.
                  2. Brushless fan: Brushless fan inside lead to air flow adjusted, wind gentle, long life motor & low noise 
                  3. Constant temperature mode: The temperature is accuracy and stability, without the wind effect.
                  4. Automtic mode: There is a sensor in the machine, the system enters the work-mode (heat-blow air-make temperature constant) as long as you pick up the machine, and it enters the standby- mode(stop heating–cooling down –delay to sleep) when it is put back to the frame prolonged heating element life and protect hot air g un. It is easy to use.
                  5. Plug in and out mode: Heating element interface is connector, and is easy replaced.
                  6. Portable  machine: Small size & light.

                  Name Constant Temperature Hot Air G-un with Brushless Fan
                  Modle GJ-8019LCD
                  Voltage AC110V/AC220V 
                  Power 450~700W
                  Motor  type Brushless  with  ball  bearing
                  Motor  life >10000 hours
                  Air flow  type Brushless fan gentle wind
                  Air flow 80~160L/min (MAX)
                  Temperature set range 280℃∽480℃
                  Display  type LCD digital displayResolution  1℃
                  Cord length 150cm
                  Machine size ø48 (handle) ø67 (MAX) x Length 300 mm
                  Weight 0.35KG (include cord)
                  noise < 45db
                  Work temperature 0∽40℃
                  Storage temperature -20∽80℃
                  Storage humidity 35%∽45%


                  1. Suitable for a various kind of soldering or desoldering purposes of the electronic components such as: SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA, SMD, etc.
                  2. Applicable to thermal shrinking, drying, painting removal, adhesive removal, thawing, warming, plastic welding, etc.

                  Operating instructions:

                  1. Take the hot air g un and the frame on a flat work table, the g un put on the frame,connect  the power supply.
                  2. Install the required nozzle (try to use big mouth nozzle).
                  3. Turn on the power switch, and the screen display “000”, for the machine is in standby mode.
                  4. Take the machine of the frame, and it starts to heat normally. Adjust T knob to set the temperature, and A knob to set air flow.  When the LED ligh quickly flash, this indicate that the temperature reaches the set value, machine is  constate state, and you can use it. The temperature set range: 280~480℃.
                  5. Put the machine on the frame after work, the machine will automatically enter standby mode (cut off the heating  current–blowing air by high  speed to cool the heating element–working delay 30” to shut off fan–LCD display “000”).
                  6. Take the machine off the frame again, it immediately enter into working state by the setting value. When the temperature stabilize, LCD display window shows air outlet temperature.
                  7. Turn off the power switch in case long time stop of operation.

                  Installation and Dismantling Nozzles:

                  1. To install, put the selected nozzle  on the outlet tube, tighten the screw.
                  2. To dismantle nozzle, loose the screw, then pull it out.

                  Replacement of Hot Air Heating Element:
                  *No need to dismantle the hot air g-un when replace the heating element. Turn off power switch, and ensure the hot air g un fully cooled down before replacing the element.
                  1. Loose three screws at the end of the metal tube.
                  2. Take the metal tube off pay to the insulating material, make sure they will not be dropped or shocked.
                  3. Using tweezers to remove the button away at the end of the heating element, and pull it out.

                  Package Included:

                  1 x GJ-8019 LCD Potable Constant Temperature Hot Air G un
                  4 x Nozzles
                  1 x Stand

                  Detail Pictures:

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