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HSC 108D Gray Blue Car Charger With Digital Voltage

1. Perfect Size: Add one is divided into too big, minus one into too small.
2.140W High Power: Supply electricity to light up high power vehicle electronic products.
3. Piano Lacquer Baking Process: Decorate and upgrade the car, keep the pretty and new outlook as ever.
4. Dual USB 3.1A Smart And High Curent: 3.1A smart and high current with quick charge technology speeding uo the charge efficiency.
5. Top Functional Area: Dual USBs and exclusive position for cards all are designed on top area, which makes it convenient for main driver and copilot.
6. Smart Chip: Support main steam devices such as IOS and Android charging, compatible with mnajority of digital devices and providing stable and smart current.
7. On And Off: External and independent switches correspond to different electronic products, which are handy and provide better protection to your devices when charging.
8. Battery Voltage Reaches Up To 29V: Firmly tightened metal elastic contact is suitable to various sizes of electronic products and power port 12V-24V wide voltage input, which is compatible with major car models.
9. Superior And Intelligent Safety Charging: Smart control chip providing 7 safety protection, not only speed up the charging efficiency but also provide automatic short circuit protection giving a better protection to your cart and charging devices.
Socket Output: 40W/100W
USB Charger Voltage: DC 5.0V
USB Current: 3.1A
Input Voltage: DC 12-24V
Package Included:
1 X HSC 108D Car Charger

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