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HSC 109D 3.1A Car Charger Dual USB Voltage Detection Display


1. Eastern Dome Customization: Layer upon layer, oriental wisdom, combine art and technology.
2. Elegant And Smooth, Attractive And Charming: Give you dual enjoyment visually and tactilely.
3. Voltage Monitored In Real Time: Monitor battery voltage in real time, prolonging the life of battery, protecting your car.
4. Consummate Technics Refined And Graceful: Aviation aluminum alloy intergrated shell, four procedures, four processes, exquisite workmanship.
5. Delicate Design Only For Comfortable Experience: 3.5cm perfect diameter, seamless and no corner easier to plug and more comfortable to hold.
6. Safety To Every Detail: Intelligent and safe protection chip, stable, intelligently power-off when short circuit, protecting your car's electrical circuit.

7. Elaborate Design Experience Strict Tests: Integrated manganese steel elastic contact, tighten after plug in, no worry about passing pit, strong shock and charging off.

8. Exquisite Workmanship: Standing on the top, artisan's spirit, seeking for innovation. Inspired by the National Centre for the Performing Arts, Integrated the art into modern car charger, charming and attractive.
9. Meticulous Manufacture From The "Chip": 3.1A high current and stable chip, high power rectifier, LC filtering system output and dual USB Intelligent matching current technology enhance conversion and output rate effectively.

Package Included:
1 X HSC 109D Car Charger

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