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Hypochlorous Acid Water Disinfection Sterilizing Water Making Machine


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                  -Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is non-toxic and harmless. It is officially approved by the US FDA and Japan. It is about 80 times more effective than bleaching water.
                  -Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) is the main component of bleach water, which is also effective for sterilization and disinfection.
                  Bleach water: The effective bacteriIcidal ingredient in bleach is "sodium hypochlorite" (NaClO). The disadvantage is that it is more toxic to the human body and has more chemical residues. As for long-term use of bleach, it will cause irritation to the skin, mucous membranes and respiratory tract, and become a health concern.
                  In addition, "sodium hypochlorite" is relatively corrosive and has an impact on human skin and even metals. Cleaning the surface of metal equipment and washing the floor will cause corrosion of the equipment and will soon become obsolete.
                  -"Hypochlorous acid" can be used directly to wash vegetables, fruits and tableware. Lei Kaiyin explained that a high concentration of "hypochlorous acid" will smell slightly of chlorine gas, but for an aqueous solution of 5 to 20 ppm "hypochlorous acid", it can be said that it is almost odorless. In addition, because "hypochlorous acid" decomposes very fast (it will decompose into water and a small amount of chlorine gas), and does not leave chemicals on the surface, it does not actually affect the color, texture and smell of the ingredients. In contrast, "hypochlorous acid" can effectively eliminate pesticide residues on the surface of vegetables in addition to its strong sterilization ability.
                  -However, it is recommended to use vegetables that have been washed with hypochlorous acid. It is best not to eat them directly. Use clean water to wash or heat them before eating. Hypochlorous acid will be transformed into harmless salts and oxygen after heating.

                  Voltage: 4.2V
                  Power: 8W
                  Capacity: 500ML
                  Working time: 8 minutes
                  Battery capacity: 2000mAh
                  Function: Generate sodium hypochlorite
                  Configuration: 300g tap water + 10g salt
                  Sterilization rate reaches 99.9%:E.coli/Staphylococcus aureus/Candida albicans/Mites, etc.

                  1. Add water and salt to the pot and start with one click;
                  2. After the disinfection solution is produced, spray evenly;
                  3.Wipe the surface of the items to be disinfected, and wipe it with a rag.
                  Package Included:

                  1 x Sterilizing Water Making Machine (Without Hypochlorous Acid Water)
                  1 x USB Cable
                  Details Pictures:

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