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KOLSOL C310+ Car Full System OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner Reset Tool Automobile Code Reader Pro V8.0 Airbag/ ABS/ SRS for BMW e46 e90 e60 e39


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                  KOLSOL C310+ Car Full System OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner Reset Tool Automobile Code Reader Pro V8.0 Airbag/ ABS/ SRS  for BMW e46 e90 e60 e39
                  The KOLSOL C310 + is a hand-held diagnostic tool for BMW vehicles.Its main function is to read the fault code,
                  clear the fault code, display the live data stream and graphic display, and display the vehicle version information.


                  1. Display: 2.8” ,Color , 320 x 240 pixel display with contrast adjustment

                  2. Operation Temperature: -20 ℃ — 75 ℃

                  3. Storage Temperature: -40 ℃ — 120 ℃

                  4. Power: 8V –18V

                  5. Dimensions: 135mm x 85mm x 26mm

                  6. Net Weight: 250 g  Gross Weight: 450 g

                  7. Certification: CE, FCC , RoHS

                  1. Online update, free upgrade
                  2. Languages: English,Chinese and Traditional Chinese
                  3. 2.8" color LCD display , 320 x 240 Pixel
                  4. Support for USB 2.0 upgrade
                  5. Hand-held, easy to carry and operate
                  – Support full ECU Diagnosis
                  -iPhone are equipped with all models of OBDII-16 DLC
                  – Short test to read all trouble codes
                  – Easy to use silicone button
                  – Read and clear trouble codes
                  – Accurate live data in table and graph
                  – Read ECU information
                  – Oil light/Service reset: support service lamp reset
                  – Support for diesel particulate filter services, including forced regeneration
                  – Upgrade Via PC
                  1. Read trouble codes
                  2. Clear trouble codes
                  3. Display live data stream and graph display and vehicle version information
                  4. Clear adaptation
                  5. Engine oil reset
                  6.Support CBS Reset: Engine oil, Microfilter, Front brake, Rear brake, Vehicle check, Brake fluid, Vehicle inspection, Exhaust emission inspection, Diesel particle filter
                  Software Features:
                  1.Support all European diesel vehicles compatible with OBDII protocol in 2004 or later
                  2.Support all American and Asian cars compatible with OBDII in 1996 or later
                  3.Easy to determine the cause of the engine fault light (MIL)
                  4.Retrieve common fault codes (P0, P2, P3, and U0) and manufacturer-defined fault codes (P1, P3, and U1)
                  5.Can turn off the engine fault light (MIL), clear the fault code and reset the monitor
                  6.Display the details of the fault code on the screen
                  7. View frozen frame data
                  8.Read current fault code and historical fault code
                  9.View engine dynamic data
                  10.Graphically display engine dynamic data
                  11.You can view the I/M ready status value
                  12.Display oxygen sensor test data
                  13.Test components
                  14. Read engine information, including: VIN code, CIN code and CVN code
                  15.Support CAN bus and other OBD-II protocols
                  Supported BMW Models:
                  1 series: 1'_E81/E81/E87/E88,1'_F20/F21
                  2 series: 2'_F22/F23,2'_F45/F46,2'_F87
                  3 series: 3'_E46,3'_E90/E91/E92/E93, 3'_F30/F31/F34/F35,3'_F80
                  4 series: 4'_F32/F33/F36,4'_F82/F83
                  5 series: 5'_E39,5'_E60/E61,5'_GT(F07), 5'_F10/F11/F18
                  6 series: 6'_E63/E64,6'_F06/F12/F13
                  7 series: 7'_E38,7'_E65/E66,7'_F01/F02/F03/F04, 7'_G11/G12
                  Z series: Z4_E85/E86,Z4_E89
                  MINI:  MINI_R50/R52/R53, MINI_R55/R56/R57/R58/R59/R60,  MINI_F55/F56
                  Include : Drive , Chassis and Body all system

                  Package includes:
                  1PC x C310 Scanner
                  1PC x User's Manual
                  1PC x CD
                  1PC x USB Cable

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