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M5Stack® ESP32 PSRAM Timer Camera Module WiFi + Bluetooth OV3660 Module Camera Module with PSRAM


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                  Timer Camera is a camera module based on the ESP32 with 8MB of integrated with PSRAM. The 3 million pixel camera (ov3660) has a field of view of 66.5 ° and can shoot a maximum of 1600 x 1200 resolution photos. There is a LED status indicator and reset button on the board. Timer Camera is designed to have ultra-low power consumption. Through the use of the RTC (BM8563), timing, sleep and wake-up functions can be utilized. In sleep mode, the current consumption of the whole machine is only 2μA. After the scheduled photo taking function(one photo per hour) is turned on, the battery can work continuously for more than one month. The module supports WiFi image transmission and USB port debugging. The bottom HY2.0-4P port output can be connected to other peripherals. In order to facilitate DIY, the battery interface is reserved on the board. Using the M5Burner firmware burning tool, timecam can be set directly with the Camera-Tool, and TimerCamera data can be processed in UIFlow.
                  Design based on esp32
                  WiFi image/video transmission
                  Timed sleep wake up
                  Status indicator
                  Ultra low power design
                  Programming platform:ESP-IDF/Arduino/UIFlow
                  Package Included:
                  1x Timer Camera
                  Take pictures regularly
                  Remote video monitoring
                  Resources Parameter
                  PSRAM 8MB
                  Flash 4M
                  Image Sensor OV3660
                  Maximum resolution 3M pixels
                  Output format YUV(422/420)/YCbCr422,RGB565/555,8-bit compressed data,8-/10-bit Raw RGB data
                  Maximum image transmission rate UXGA/SXGA: 15fps, SVGA: 30fps, CIF: 60fps
                  FOV 66.5°
                  Net Weight 6g
                  Gross Weight 17g
                  Product Size 45*20*12mm
                  Package Size 60*60*15mm
                  Camera Interface PinMap
                  Interface Camera Pin TimerCamera
                  SCCB Clock SIOC IO23
                  SCCB Data SIOD IO25
                  System Clock XCLK IO27
                  Vertical Sync VSYNC IO22
                  Horizontal Reference HREF IO26
                  Pixel Clock PCLK IO21
                  Pixel Data Bit 0 D0 IO32
                  Pixel Data Bit 1 D1 IO35
                  Pixel Data Bit 2 D2 IO34
                  Pixel Data Bit 3 D3 IO5
                  Pixel Data Bit 4 D4 IO39
                  Pixel Data Bit 5 D5 IO18
                  Pixel Data Bit 6 D6 IO36
                  Pixel Data Bit 7 D7 IO19
                  Camera Reset RESET IO15
                  Camera Power Down PWDN -1
                  Power Supply 3.3V 3V3 3V3
                  Ground GND GND
                  GROVE Interface

                  Grove TimerCamera
                  SCL IO13
                  SDA IO4
                  5V 5V
                  GND GND
                  LED Interface
                  LED TimerCamera
                  LED_Pin IO2
                  BAT Interface

                  BAT TimerCamera
                  BAT_ADC_Pin IO33

                  You can download and burn firmware with M5Burner

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