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MD7105-SY 2.4G Wireless Module A7105 Transceiver NRF24L01 Board


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                  The XL7105-D01 is a high-performance 2.4G wireless transceiver module based on Taiwan AMIC's A7105 2.4G wireless transceiver IC. It uses GFSK modulation and works in the international ISM band of 2400-2483M. The high modulation rate of Zui is up to 500KBPS. Based on the SPI interface, the hardware SPI port of the MCU can be used to connect or use the I/O port of the MCU to simulate. The internal FIFO can interface with various high and low speed microprocessors, which is convenient for using low-cost MCU.

                  • Operating frequency can work at any frequency in the ISM 2.4GHz band, 500KHz stepping
                  • Onboard PCB antenna
                  • FSK/GSK modulation
                  • With 16-bit CRC checksum and FEC error correction.
                  • Built-in code
                  • Transceiver separate 64-byte FIFOs
                  • High sensitivity -98dBm@250kBPs
                  • Low power sleep current 1uA
                  • Best transmission distance: open field 250BPS rate, send and receive 10 bytes of data test distance up to about 70 meters

                  Electrical characteristics:

                  Item Parameters Min Typ Max Unit Condition
                  1 Power Supply
                  1.1 Supply  voltage 1.9   3.6 V  
                  2 Current Consumption
                  2.1 sleep mode   1   uA  
                  2.2 Standby mode   1.8   mA  
                  2.3 Rx states   16   mA  
                  2.4 Tx states   19   mA @0dBm
                  2.5 PLL mode   9   mA  
                  3 Transmitter Part
                  3.1 Tx data rate 25 250 500 Kbps  
                  3.2 Frequency 2400   2483.5 MHz  
                  3.3 Output power -10 0 1 dBm  
                  3.4 Spurious emissions
                  25MHz ~ 1GMz
                   47 ~ 74, 87.5 ~ 118, 174 ~230, 470 ~ 862MHz
                  1800 ~ 1900MHz
                  At 2nd-RF and 3rd-RF
                  Otherwise above 1GHz
                  4 Receiver Part
                  4.1 Receiver sensitivity   -92   dBm @500Kbps
                  4.2 Saturation   -23   dBm  
                  4.3 Adjacent channel rejection   21   dB Desired channel 3dB above the sensitivity limit. 1MHz channel specing
                  4.4 Alternate channel rejection   30   dB Desired channel 3dB above the sensitivity limit. 1MHz channel specing

                  Parameters Min Max Unit
                  Supply Voltage 1.9 3.6 V
                  Temperature ambient -20 60

                  MD7105-SY 2.4G Wireless Module A7105 Transceiver NRF24L01 Board

                  PIN PIN NAME PIN FUNCTIONS
                  1,3,5,6,8,11 NC  
                  2 GIO1 Multi-function pin 1
                  4 GIO2 Multi-function pin 2
                  7,10 GND Power ground
                  9 VDD Input power (3.0-3.3V)
                  12 SCS SPI enable
                  13 SCK SPI clock
                  14 SDIO SPI data

                  The VCC pin voltage is between 1.9V and 3.6V. If it exceeds 3.6V, the module will be burned. The recommended voltage is around 3.3V. In addition to the power supply VCC and ground, the other pins can be directly connected to the normal 5V MCU IO port without level shifting. Of course, it is more suitable for the 3V microcontroller.

                  When connecting with the P0 port of the 51 series MCU, it is necessary to add a 10K pull-up resistor, which is not required to connect with the remaining ports. For other series of single-chip microcomputers, if it is 5V, please refer to the output current of the IO port of this series of microcontrollers. If it exceeds 10mA, it needs to be divided by series resistors, otherwise it will easily burn the module! If it is 3.3V, it can directly connect with the IO port of nRF24l01 module. Wire connection, such as AVR series MCU.
                  The wireless module is a static-sensitive device. Pay attention to the static electricity protection when using it. Especially in the dry winter, try not to remove the device on the touch module to avoid unnecessary damage.

                  Package includes:

                  1 x Wireless module

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