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MECHANIC HX-100 55g Solder Wire 63%/37% Sn/Pb Rosin Core 183℃ Melting Point 0.2mm To 1.2mm Solder Wire Welding Iron Cable Reel


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                  Model Mechanic HX-100 Solder Wire
                  Material Sn-Pb alloy
                  Melting point 183℃
                  Tin (Sn) 63%
                  Lead (Pb) 37%
                  Flux 1.0-3.0%
                  Expansion 75%
                  CJ (Flux) 0.05% (<0.1%)
                  Net Weight About 45.0g/pcs
                  Gross Weight About 55.0g/pcs

                  What is the function of the flux in the solder wire?

                  1. Different types of solder wire additives are different.

                  2. The auxiliary part is to improve the heat conduction of the solder wire during the welding process, remove the oxidation, reduce the surface tension of the material to be welded, remove the oil stain on the surface of the welded material, and increase the welding area. 

                  What is the function of the solder wire?

                  1. The solder wire used for the soldering of the manual electronic device is composed of a tin alloy and an auxiliary agent.

                  2. In the electronic soldering, the solder wire is matched with the soldering iron, and the high-quality soldering iron provides stable and continuous heat of fusion, and the solder wire serves as a filler.

                  3. The metal is added to the surface and the gap of the electronic original device, and the fixed electronic original device becomes the main component of the solder.

                  4. The composition of the solder wire is inseparable from the quality of the solder wire, which will affect the chemical properties, mechanical properties and physical properties of the solder wire. 

                  Preservation method:

                  1. The solder wire should be kept in a cool place.

                  2. The solder wire should be used for 12 months.

                  3. The solder wire should not be placed in the sun.


                  1. Use only with adequate Ventilation.

                  2. The solder wire contains organic solvent. Avoid repeated contact with skin. If the solder wire gets on your skin, wipe it off with alcohol and rinse thoroughly with water.

                  3. In order to be cautious, in the operation, the smoke released by the solvent during operation should be avoided as much as possible, and the skin and mucous membrane tissues should not be contacted for too long. Avoid repeated breathing of vapor.

                  4. Avoid contacting with eyes.

                  5. Keep away from children.

                  Package Included:

                  1 x MECHANIC HX-100 55g Solder Wire

                  Detail Pictures:

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