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Men Women Electric Heating Vest Jacket Winter Warm Heated Pad Winter Body Warmer

1. The product is a V-neck vest with polyester fabric and carbon fiber heating wire.
2. The shoulder button of the product can adjust the length of the heating vest,
and the zipper on the side can adjust the size of the waist, you can adjust according to your own size.
The size range is roughly between M/L/XL.
3. The product has a three-speed temperature adjustment function, blue is low:
about 45 degrees Celsius; white is middle: about 52 degrees Celsius; red is high: about 60 degrees Celsius.
4. The power supply terminal of the product is waterproof. When cleaning, unplug the power supply.
Colour: Black
Material: cotton, polyester, carbon fiber heating wire
Installation method:
Heating cloth with the needle sewing in need of heating clothes
or pants lining inside the wire from the pocket part of the clothes to open a few lines from the inside to the pocket,
switch and charging treasure into the pocket of clothes, you can use. It can also be modified according to your own preferences.
Voltage: 5V/2A
Power: 8.5 watt
Three temperature: 25-48degrees
3+ standard temperature control switch
Matters needing attention:
1. May not allow the use of self care, baby or heat insensitive.
2. No needing to heat the heat line inside the heating cloth, no one in the room strictly prohibit the use of electricity.
3. Should not be used in a wet enviroment. Please dry it before use.
Package Included:
1 x Heated Vest

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