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Neck Relief Traction


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                  Material: Latex liner, flannel fabrics
                  Color: Red
                  Max Traction Stroke: 20-160mm
                  ● Portable cervical traction device is small in size, light in weight, large in traction, and long in traction stroke.
                  ● Latex liner, flannel fabric, good breathability, protect skin.
                  ● Inflatable forming conforms to the human body's physiological curvature, to protect the sensitive area of the neck from pressure, and to adjust the traction and fixation, the user still feels comfortable.
                  ● This product is safe, convenient and effective.
                  ● Scope of application: This product is suitable for cervical spondylotic radiculopathy and neck pain caused by long hours of work.
                  Usage Instructions:
                  1.Wear the portable cervical vertebra tractor according to the correct method. The first-time user can wear the mirror first, adjust the size of the neck circumference, and fix the upper and middle magic tape on the front to suit the people with different neck circumferences.
                  2. Tighten the deflated nut before inflating.
                  3. Use inflatable ball cheer until you feel the intensity of the appropriate patient, the symptoms abated.
                  4. traction fixation treatment at least 2-3 times a day, at least 15-30 minutes each time.
                  5. Loosen the air valve and bleed nut after use and slowly deflate.
                  1.Tighten the nut before inflating. Pay special attention to make the rubber gasket press the venting hole. Do not invert the gasket upward. After inflating to determine the pressure, move the control valve on the long tube slightly upward to prevent gas slow diffusion.
                  2.Return the control valve when deflated and loosen the inflatable hand nut.
                  3.When not in use for a long time, do not put out all the gas in the liner, and put it in a cool place, in order to better maintain the latex liner.
                  4.Patients with cervical spondylosis should pay attention to traction therapy, usually half a hour after work at the desk should get up and rest activities, pillows should be appropriate when sleeping.
                  1. When the treatment is as far as possible, the neck is relaxed, and the effect of using the polymer anterior jaw is better. Slowly add air pressure to enhance traction.
                  2. The inflation should be gradual, not too fierce, when doing traction therapy, such as dizziness and other abnormal reactions, should slowly deflate, until the symptoms should not disappear, and then re-adjust the use.
                  3. Before vigorous traction should be done for 30 minutes of small traction, traction reset should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor.
                  4. When using the container to avoid contact with hard objects, if the surface of the tractor is smudged, it can be cleaned with a soft brush sticky water after being inflated, and it should not be washed, forcefully rubbed or brushed.
                  5. Do not bring the product close to high temperature.
                  ※ Warning:
                  1. Heart disease, cerebrovascular disease patients should not use
                  2. It is forbidden to use in skin lesions in the traction area or patients with malignant tumors .
                  3. This product should only be used under the supervision of a doctor. If you experience any sudden increase in pain or have any questions regarding use of neck traction devices, consult your doctor immediately.
                  Package Included:
                  1 x Neck Relief Traction (not included other decorations)

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