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NRF24LE1 Wireless Transmission Module NRF24L01+ 51MCU Single Chip with MCU


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                  The XL24LE1-D01 is designed with NORDIC's latest low-cost, high-performance embedded microprocessor-based RF transceiver single-chip nRF24LE1. The NRF24LE1 is a single-chip wireless transceiver system designed for ultra-low-power wireless applications. High-performance microprocessors (compatible with the 8051 instructions) and all high-speed signal processing components associated with the RF protocol are very easy to develop because the link layer is fully integrated into the module.
                  Automatic detection and automatic retransmission of lost data packets, retransmission time and number of retransmissions can be controlled by software, automatically storing data packets that have not received the response signal; after receiving valid data, the module automatically sends a response signal without additional programming; Carrier detection – fixed frequency detection, built-in hardware CRC error detection and point-to-multipoint communication address control packet transmission error counter and carrier detection function can be used for frequency hopping setting, six channel receiving channel addresses can be set at the same time, and the receiving channel can be selectively opened.

                  • Onboard 2.4G PCB antenna, ISM band, 1.27mm in-line, compact size for easy embedded applications.
                  • Supports six channels of data reception (one pair of six)
                  • Working method: half duplex
                  • Supports general modulation methods such as GFSK/FSK
                  • Supports 2Mbps/1Mbps/250Kbps data rate, and can set different transmit power
                  • Multi-frequency point: 126 frequency point, meeting the needs of multi-point communication and frequency hopping communication, 2400MHz~2525MHz, 1MHz frequency hopping stepping, channel switching time is about 130us
                  • Internally integrated high PSRR LDO
                  • Wide supply voltage: 1.9~3.6V, typical 3.3V
                  • Average emission current as low as 11.3mA (0dBm)
                  • Receive current: about 13mA@2Mbps
                  • Emission current: approx. 11 mA@0dBm
                  • Deep sleep: 0.5uA
                  • MCU current: 3.8mA@8MHzclock
                  • Built-in Enhanced ShockBurstTM baseband protocol engine
                  • Transceiver data hardware interrupt output
                  • Support 1bit RSSI output
                  • Operating temperature: -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C
                  • The best transmission distance: at an open rate of 2MBPS, up to about 50 meters

                  Chip internal MCU features:
                  • 16 kB program memory (on-chip Flash)
                  • 1 kB data memory (on-chip RAM)
                  • 1 kB NV data memory
                  • 512 bytes NV data memory
                  • AES encryption HW accelerator
                  • 16-32bit multiplication/division co-processor (MDU)
                  • High flexibility IOs
                  • Support for HW debugger
                  • Serves a set of power modes from ultra low power to a power-efficient active mode
                  Integrated SPI, IIC, UART, 6-12 bit ADC 14 channels, 2 PWM, Watchdog, on-chip oscillator, analog comparator, 3 timer/counters, random number generator, RTC, 18 interrupt sources

                  The wireless module is a static-sensitive device. Pay attention to the static electricity protection when using it. Especially in the dry winter, try not to remove the device on the touch module to avoid unnecessary damage.
                  The wireless module recommends using a DC power supply with a small ripple, and the operating voltage is recommended to operate at 3.3V.
                  The grounding of the module should be stable and reliable, and the ground wire should be as close as possible to the power supply. If you use a switching power supply, you must strengthen the retraction to avoid the ripple and spikes of the switching power supply affecting the operating characteristics of the module.
                  The module uses a PCB antenna. This antenna is easily affected by external circuits. When using it, please do not leave the line or place the device under and around the antenna. If possible, it is best to hollow out. The 2.4G frequency is relatively high, and various materials have certain influences. The general plastic has little effect. If there is a metal object, it will have a significant impact. In this case, it is recommended to use an SMA feeder to connect the SMA antenna.

                  PIN PIN NAME PIN FUNCTIONS
                  1 REST Reset
                  2 P1.4  
                  3 P1.3  
                  4 P1.2  
                  5 P1.1  
                  6 P1.0  
                  7 P0.7  
                  8 P0.6  
                  9 P0.5  
                  10 P0.4  
                  11 P0.3  
                  12 PROG  
                  13 P0.2  
                  14 P0.1  
                  15 P0.0  
                  16 P1.6  
                  17 P1.5  
                  18 VCC Power Input
                  19,20 GND Power Ground

                  Package includes:

                  1 x Wireless module

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