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RCWL-0515 Microwave Radar Induction Switch Module Human Body Intelligent Induction Detector


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                  Product Description:
                  RCWL-0515 is a microwave induction module that uses Doppler radar technology to specifically detect the movement of objects. Using 2. 7G microwave signal detection, the module has the characteristics of high sensitivity, long sensing distance, strong reliability, large sensing angle, wide supply voltage range and so on.
                  Microwave induction is a new type of induction mode without dead angles, based on the principle of Doppler radar. Its antenna emits electromagnetic waves and receives reflected echoes, which can effectively suppress the interference of higher-order harmonics and other clutters; it has strong reliability, safety and convenience.
                  Compared with infrared products: the microwave switch has a longer sensing distance, a wide angle, no dead zones, can penetrate glass and thin wooden boards, and can penetrate walls of different thicknesses according to different powers, and is not affected by environment, temperature, dust, etc., at 37 In the case of degrees, the sensing distance will not shorten. Widely used in various human induction lighting and anti-theft alarm and other occasions.
                  Main Features:
                  Working voltage: 4-18V
                  Working current: 4mA
                  2. 7G operating frequency
                  Reserved patch and in-line CDS interface
                  12 meters typical sensing range
                  Adjustable sensing distance
                  Lead-free process
                  Adjustable repeat trigger time
                  Typical Application:
                  Corridor lights, sensor lights, solar lights
                  UV disinfection lamp
                  Human body motion sensing
                  Number Symbol Function description
                  1 GND Power ground
                  2 OUT Output: H — 3.3V, L — 0V
                  3 VCC 4-18V power supply
                  CDS Trigger control signal:
                  Less than 0.7V, the output is always low
                  Greater than 0.7V, working normally
                  The CDS pin is externally connected to a photoresistor, and the module detection function is turned off during the day. Internal pull-up resistor 1M to VCC
                  Symbol Parameter Value Unit
                  VDD Embedded large working voltage -0.5 to +18 V
                  V0MAX Large pressure suppression at the output 5.5 V
                  Tstg Storage temperature -40 ~ 110 °C
                  TOP Operating temperature -20 ~ 100 °C
                  Symbol Parameter Description Test Conditions MIN. TYP. MAX. UNIT
                  VIN Working voltage range VIN input 4  - 15 V
                  I IN Working current Output no load VIN=4V  - 4 5 mA
                  Output no load VIN=12V  - 4 5 mA
                  VOUT Output high level 3.25 3.3 3.35 V
                  θ Detection angle Antenna front 360 V
                  S Detection distance 7 12* 15 M
                  d_Front Front detection distance θ=0 ° No obstacles 12* M
                  d_Back1 Reverse detection distance θ=0 ° No obstacles 10* M
                  d_Back2 Reverse detection  10CM concrete wall 3* M
                  Transmit power 20 30 mW
                  Trigger method Trigger repeatedly
                  Package includes:
                  1 x Induction Switch Module

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