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Ring Sizer Mandrel Jewelers Rubber Hammers Ring Mandrel Sizer with Ring Sizer Guage kits

Color: Silver+Black
Material: Zinc alloy Ring Model Set, Aluminum Ring Measure Stick, Iron Ring Mandrel, Rubber Hammer
● Easy to use, economical and practical jewelry tool
● Perfect jewelry tools set for ring making and other jewelry work
● The ring mandrel and rubber hammer can help you adjust deformed ring
● With the ring model sets, you can easily get the accurate size for yourself
● Ring measure stick tool with US sizes of 1-15 and European sizes of 41-76, etc
● Material of high quality materials, which are wear resistant, anti-rust and durable
Package included 
1 X Ring Model Set
1 X Ring Measure Stick
1 X Ring Mandrel
1 X Rubber Hammer

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