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Soda Club/Sodastream Cylinder CO2 Refill Adapter Converter M18x1.5 to TR21-4


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                  Soda Club/Sodastream Cylinder CO2 Refill Adapter Converter M18*1.5 to TR21-4


                  Material: Copper
                  Net Weight: 60G
                  Size:Heighth 51 mm(As the picture shows)
                  Pressure: 200bar (20MPa) 3.94"
                  Installation Guide:
                  1. Gas valves should be properly installed, used and maintained in order to perform their normal functions to ensure personal and property safety.
                  2. The installation of gas valves should be carried out by qualified professionals. When installing the valve, the pipeline should have sufficient positional accuracy. Forcibly connected to the coaxial deviation or the distance-disturbed pipeline will generate excessive assembly stress, which will invalidate or destroy the valve.
                      Before installation, check whether the inside of the valve body is clean and do not allow dust, debris, etc. to enter.
                  3. During the installation process, the thread shaft and the pipe at both ends of the valve should be basically on a line, and there should be no obvious inclination. When tightening, the pipe clamp should be applied to the flat part of the threaded end, and the flat side or other parts of the other end of the wrench should not be allowed. In order to avoid deformation or damage of the valve body, which may affect the sealing or normal opening.
                  4. When the gas valve is connected with the pipe thread, the internal thread of the pipe may be a conical pipe thread or a cylindrical pipe thread, but the external thread must be a conical pipe thread, otherwise the valve may leak due to the connection is not tight.
                  5. When installing the ball valve with the mouth, follow the installation principle of the threaded end with the mouth end. When the nozzle end is installed, the pipe clamps the sleeve first, then the rubber pipe sleeve is connected to the mouth to the bottom notch, and finally the pipe is good. The chuck is moved to the innermost arc of the mouth joint and screwed tightly. When connecting, it is forbidden to force the left and right makeup hose or any external force to hit and collide with the mouth joint.
                  6. Install the threaded sealing material to select the PTFE raw material belt, clean and clean, and prevent the raw material belt from sticking to the sealing sheet due to the opening and closing of the ball valve to lead to seal leakage.
                  7. When the ball valve is parallel to the direction of the valve body, the ball valve is open, and when it is vertical, it is closed. The installation should be considered when there is enough space in the handle opening and closing, and the valve switch cannot be affected by the wall and the pipe.
                      It is recommended to extend the life of the valve in the fully open state.

                  Package Included:
                  1 x CO2 Refill Adapter

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