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TX BG-E9361 Signal Booster Home Mobile Network Signal Amplifier 4 Band 1W 4g Mobile Network Booster


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                  1. TX-4P is designed to powerfully improve the mobile phone signal. 

                  2. It can reduce the dropped calls, effectively improve the voice quality, and also make the faster uploads and downloads in home office etc. 



                  1. Easy to install and operate.

                  2. Four-band mobile phone signal amplifier. The coverage is wide and the connection is arbitrary. Reliable coverage max. 800m² (Standard set 200-300 sqm).

                  3. Select ALC chip, gain can be adjusted automatically. Automatic ALC and Stable gain adjustment 70dBm. When the outdoor signal is too strong, the amplifier will automatically reduce the output to cause interference to the base station due to high power. At the same time, the unit level gain is guaranteed to be at a reasonable value, so that the call will be smooth without affecting the base station. When the outdoor signal is too weak, the amplifier will automatically increase the output to compensate for the weak signal to ensure sufficient unit level gain and make the call smooth.

                  4. Rectangular filtering technology reduces signal noise. Using a new version of technical filtering, the output power is concentrated on the effective frequency band, bringing high-definition and pure signals.

                  5. Made of aluminum alloy material. The product shell is made of aluminum alloy material, which has excellent heat dissipation performance and wear resistance.

                  6. Simple structure and attention to detail. The dead corner of the product is controlled by a hangable design, and the N heads on both sides are docked. And with a display screen.

                  7. Stable power supply of DC plug.

                  8.Display of the receiving signal strength on 4 LCD screen.

                  9. Applicable places: offices, hotels, indoors, high-rise buildings, factories, KTV, urban villages, elevators, etc.



                  TX-TELSIG No.

                  TX BGE9361

                  Coverage Area

                  Max. 800 square meter 

                  (Standard a set covers about 200-300 sqm )

                  Boosting Frequency (4 Band )



                  Signal Name




                  880-915 MHz

                  925-960 MHz


                  1710-1788 MHz

                  1805-1880 MHz


                  1920-1980 MHz

                  2110-2170 MHz







                  16.5*14.3*2.5cm / 1.0kgs

                  Application Area 

                  Home, Office, Meeting room, Restaurant, Shopping mall, Basement, High building, Elevator, Mining Area, Mountain Area, Rural Area, Well Road, TunnelWarehouse, etc 


                  Installation Method: 

                  1. Align the base station or strong signal position, install and fix it, log periodic antenna, and then connect the feeder, the feeder is used to connect the indoor host, and the drainage hole is facing down during installation.

                  2. Install the ceiling antenna in the place where the signal needs to be enhanced, try to choose a high place (height greater than 2 meters) to install downwards, and connect the feeder.

                  3. The host BS connects the outdoor feeder to the outdoor antenna, the MS connects to the indoor feeder, connects the ceiling antenna, and then connects to the power supply.



                  Outdoor LPDA antenna


                  Gain: 11dB * Frequency range: 700-2700MHz

                  Size/Weight: 295*210*65mm/200g

                  With braket etc

                  Omni Indoor Ceiling Antenna



                  Gain: 25dB

                  Frequency range: 700-2700MHz

                  Size/Weight: 165*85mm/300g

                  With 3 meter coxial feeder

                  10 meter coxial feeder


                  Resistance: 50Ω

                  Length: 10 meter

                  Connector: N type or Customized


                  Package Included:

                  1 X

                  Phone booster host

                  1 X

                  Indoor Omni ceiling antenna with 3 meter

                  1 X

                  Outdoor Directional LPDA antenna

                  1 X

                  10 meter coxial feeder



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