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U-STAR 3Pcs Sanding Polish Grinding Tools Bow Handle Modeling Holder 6Pcs Sandpaper Kit


Material: Plastic
Color: Yellow
Sandpaper Grain: 600#, 800#, 1000#, 1500#, 2000#, 2800#
Size: (L)X(W) 15×1.6cm / 5.91''x0.63''(appr.)

* Bow handle design for effort saving.
* Can reach high performance polishing and angle grinding easily.
* Polish to a highly satin finish by using with sand belts connecting on the handle ends.
* A tool that especially fit for round surface object polishing, by replacing different grain of sand belts.

1. The sand-facing outer belt is passed through the outer hole, and a small part of the tail is penetrated through a small hole.
2. The long end of the sand belt through the opposite direction of the outer hole, the tail of a small section of the back through the small hole, the belt to tighten a little.
3. Force inward bending bow handle pull tight abrasive belt, release handle bow tension to the sand belt taut.
4. After tightening the belt, the back and forth grinding operation.

Package included:
3 Pcs Grinding Tool
6 Pcs Sandpaper

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