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UV Resin Soft Type Ultraviolet Solar Sunlight Curing Cure Activated Crystal DIY Jewelry Making Glue

Type: Soft type
Material: Resin
Bottom color: Black
UV resin color: Transparent
Quality guarantee period: 12 months (storage in cool dry place and protect from light.)
Volume: 25g / 60g / 100g / 200g
1. Cured with UV / sunlight, no mixing like AB resin
2. Non-toxic and environmental protection.
3. Not easy to produce bubbles
4. Easy to use.
5. Excellent for open back bezels, bezel setting, small silicone molds, coating for shrink plastic paper etc.
Curing Time:
UV torch / UV lamp: 1-2 minutes, the strongest the UV light, the shorter the curing time.
Direct sunlight (sunny day): 10-15 minutes
Direct sunlight (cloudy day): 30-60 minutes
Package Included:
1 x Soft Type UV Curing Resin(25/60/100/200g)(Jewelery are NOT included)

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