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White/Green/Purple Polishing Compounds Buffing Wax Stainless Steel Polish Paste Abrasive Tool

White/green/purple polishing compound buffing wax fits for metal and stainless steel surface form rough to mirror finish.

Type: Polishing compound
Material: Wax, alumina
Color: White / Green / Purple
Size: (L*W*H) approx. 18x5x4cm
Quantity: 1pc

Color Polishing type Apply process Application
White  Rough finish Fourth Stainless steel. Aluminum, copper, nickel, chromium and other metal products.
Purple Middle polishing Second Stainless steel, aluminum, nickel, metal products such as Ming.
Green  Mirror finishing  Third Stainless steel, iron and other metal products


When the machine is running, it is used for polishing metal by rubbing on the support of wool wheel, cloth wheel, fiber wheel and so on.

– Increase metallic gloss.

– Fine and smooth,no impurity.
– Even and no trace leaved when polishing.

1.Rough polish the workpiece before polishing it.
2.Select the right size polishing wheel.
3. Rinse the polished parts with clean water immediately after polishing.

Package Included:
1 x Polishing Compound

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