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Winners 6 Axis MPU6050 Module Board Gyro Accelerometer Inclinometer Measurement Sensor

This six-axis module uses advanced digital filtering (Kalman filtering) to effectively reduce measurement noise and improve measurement accuracy. 
The module integrates the motion engine DMP internally and obtains the quaternion to get the current posture. 
Attitude measurement accuracy of 0.01 degrees, high stability, performance is even better than some professional inclinometer!
Technical Parameters:
Voltage: 3.3V-24V (widened voltage)
Current: <10mA
Volume: 17.8mm x 17.8mm Weight: 1.1g
Pin spacing: 2.54mm
Measurement dimensions: acceleration: 3 dimensional, angular velocity: 3 dimensional, attitude angle: 3 dimensional
Range: acceleration: ± 16g, angular speed: ± 2000 °/s
Resolution: Acceleration: 6.1e-5g, angular speed: 7.6e-3°/s
Stability: Acceleration: 0.001 g, angular velocity 0.02°/s
Attitude measurement stability: 0.01 °
Data output frequency 100Hz (baud rate 115200)/20Hz (baud rate 9600)
Data interface: Serial port (TTL Level)
The baud rate is 115200kps/9600kps
Package includes:
1 x 6 Axis MPU6050 Module Board

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