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WIT MPU6050 3-Axis Bluetooth Digital Accelerometer 6-Axis Gyro Gyroscope AHRS Transducer Sensor

WIT MPU6050 3-Axis Bluetooth Digital Accelerometer 6-Axis Gyro Gyroscope AHRS Transducer Tilt Vibration Sensor Arduino BWT61CL
Product features
High precision Pitch Roll Yaw angle output
Embeded Kalman fiter for high precision angle output
3 axis Accelerometer ,3 axis Angular velocity, 3 axis angle measurement
Bluetooth Serial port communication wireless,also can connect with cable
Providing PC software ,APP and 51 STM32 arduino sample code
Product document: 
Product description
(1)BWT61CL Gyroscope is good solution for angle measuringacceleration measurement and angular velocity measurement,It packs a 3-axis gyro and a 3-axis accelerometer. 
(2) Kalman filter combines the gyro and accelerometer to get high precision angle measurement,it can be used such as four-axis flight control and self-balancing robot, 
angle measurement and depth measuring and so on. 
(3)The module can get accurate attitude in a dynamic environment. Attitude measurement precision is 0.05degrees, high stability. 
(4)Using high-precision gyro accelerometer MPU6050, read the measurement data by serial port,No need to study complex I2C protocol of MPU6050 . 
With advanced digital filtering technology, reduce the measurement noise and improve measurement accuracy. 
(5)Bluetooth serial port communication wireless,also can connect to other equipment with line. 
Specification : 
Input voltage: 3.3V-5V 
Consumption current: typical 15mA 
Volume: 36mm X 51.3mm X15mm 
Measuring : Attitude angle: 3 axis Acceleration: 3 Axis Angular Velocity: 3 Axis 
Range: Acceleration: ± 16g, angular velocity: ± 2000 ° / s. 
The data output frequency 100Hz (baud rate 115200). 
Data Interface: Serial (TTL level), 
Baud rate 115200kps . 
Provide single-chip analytical sample code. 
Note:Angle of Z axis will have accumulated error, because there is no magnetic field correction 
There is no battery in it.
Packing Included
1 x BWT61CL Module 1 PCS 
JY61 inclinometer TTL version
serial port tool:

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