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Xpreen Electric Vacuum Suction Blackhead Acne Remover


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                  Name: Vacuum Blackhead Remover
                  Main Material: PC (polycarbonate)
                  Color: Pink, White
                  Rated Output Power: 0.75w
                  Charging Voltage: 5V/1A
                  Battery Voltage: 3.7V 
                  Rated Current: 200mAh
                  Charging Time: 8 hours
                  Using Time: 3 weeks
                  Charging Method: Wireless Charging
                  1. 4 adjustable suction inten-sity:
                  A.Soft: Small suction, suitable for sensitive and dry skin.
                  B.Normal: Middle suction is for neutral skin and oily skin and make- up residue.
                  C.Strong: Stronger suction is used to remove stubborn blackheads, acne, etc.
                  D.Super: Deeply cleansing pores.
                  2. 4 beauty probes to choose:
                  A. Microcrystalline Probe: With more than 100 thousands natural mineral microcrystalline particles and high absorption, it can scrub and exfoliate the dead skin, and suck it out, so to repair skin and remove wrinkle and acne without hurting skin.
                  B. Big Round Probe: With strong suction, it can remove blackhead effectively, promoting blood and lymphatic circulation, letting the skin rejuvenate again. Can be applied to blackheads and V face.
                  C. Small Round Probe: Suction is weak, which can be used to remove blackhead at the sensitive area.
                  D. Oval Probe: Firming skin, removing fine wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity. Suitable for canthus, the corner of mouth and other areas where easy to have fine lines to prevent the growing of wrinkles.
                  How to use:
                  1. Use cleansing products to clean the face. It is recommended to use blackhead extract or pore cleansing mask and hot spray steamer to help open the pores. (The pore removal effect of the product is reduced when the pores are closed.)
                  2. Place the spacer into the nozzle groove at the top of the fuselage, select the probe, and mount the probe on the nozzle at the top of the fuselage.
                  3. Short press the key to open the black head function. The default is the soft file.
                  4. Short press the gear adjustment button to adjust the gear position
                  5. Place the instrument probe on the face and remove the blackhead. Move the probe slowly, do not stay too long, and suck out the blackhead (please do not press the probe hard or pull the probe vertically to avoid straining the skin)
                  6, the blackhead is cleaned up, short press the key, turn off the power
                  7. Remove the probe, wipe the dirt with a cotton swab, rinse the probe with water, dry the towel or dry it naturally.
                  8. If the external light is insufficient, press and hold the key to turn the LED lighting function on and off.
                  1. Electric blackhead meter, imported air pump, strong suction, easy to remove facial blackheads, acne
                  2. Four-stage suction can be adjusted, mildness is clinically pro-en, suitable for different skin types
                  3. Intelligent memory function, automatic memory selection before gear off
                  4. Four kinds of probes, various functions, blackheads, acne, sputum oil, horny dead skin, lightening fine lines, lifting and tightening
                  5. Bring your own LED lighting, effectively fill light, help you see facial blackheads
                  6. Wireless charging, the battery is durable, can be used for 3 weeks at full time (according to 2 times per week, 5 minutes each time)
                  7. Charging indicator, clearly understand the charging situation: the red light is always on when charging, full of bright blue light, the red light flashes automatically after a few seconds when the battery is low.
                  8. PC material, small and portable, the body can stand, vacuum adsorption, avoid hand squeeze, clean and hygienic
                  1. In order to better clean the pores, it is recommended to use blackhead extract or pore cleansing mask and hot spray steamer to help open the pores before use. (The pore removal effect of the product is reduced when the pores are closed.)
                  2. Do not press the probe hard or pull the probe vertically. Do not stay in the same part for too long to avoid straining the skin. If it is used improperly, it will cause redness on the face and will naturally fade after a few days.
                  3. Please avoid flushing the body, soaking in water or other liquids.
                  4. Do not use chemicals to clean the instrument and avoid corrosion.
                  5. Every time you use it, you need to clean the probe to avoid clogging the filter. If alcohol is used, the recommended concentration is less than 70%.

                  Package Include:
                  1 x Machine
                  1 x Big Round Probe
                  1 x Small Round Probe
                  1 x Oval Probe
                  1 x Microcrystalline Probe
                  1 x Wireless Charging Base 
                  1 x USB Cable
                  1 x Stainless Steel Blackhead Removal Needle  
                  1 x User Manual
                  5 x Isolation Sponge

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